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Weekends don’t have to be mundane especially when it’s been awhile since you & your girlfriends hung out. Don’t be a couch potato , you’ve been working all week, it’s time to let loose & dance the night away & meet some new people. So happy to have caught up with my two babes – Naomi & Reiee. It’s been SO LONG, I MISS YOU BOTH SO MUCH!


Decided to check out CLUB TWO over the weekend & as you can tell, we’re simply obsessed with the art wall & this freshly hand-painted REMY MARTIN wall. Since we’re all dressed up, we might as well take some OOTD shots right here!



Thank you so much CLUB TWO for having us & making us happy tipsy from the drinks! We sure had a helluva good night! Alright now, before I sign off, you’d be happy to to know there’s




$218 1 X MARTELL

$548 3 X MARTELL








SHAWN 90119055 / IVAN 83888177







Jetsetting 24/7 does stress out my skin, that I gotta admit. However, these days, being a frequent traveler has made me smart enough to pack the correct skincare for the correct climate & destination.


I brought along the BIOSKIN ABSOLUTE MIRACLE ESSENCE for my month-long trip. Like many other women, I care about pampering my skin especially even more while abroad, hence I always end up having the problem of over-packing my skincare. If you looked at my vanity bag in the past, you’d bawl your eyeballs out. Some days I need to treat my dehydrated skin, some days I need to firm up my skin. Well you know, women and their 101 woes. That’s why this came at the right time! Could I seriously say no to an ALL-IN-ONE SERUM that brings about such GREAT CONVENIENCE for women like me who’s flying constantly?


Thank you MATHILDA for sending over this amazing product just in time for my Europe trip. Do follow MATHILDA on IG @mathildakoh so that you won’t miss out on the latest promotions for BIOSKIN!


This HIGH-PERFORMING SERUM is the ultimate solution for RENEWED & SMOOTHER-LOOKING SKIN. Having used it religiously throughout my trip, I can assure you, you start to notice results one week into using it. However, if you have sensitive skin, I’d recommend you to use it once every two days. I really love how it clears away my dead cells day by day to REVEAL GLOWING SKIN in the morning when I wake up.


Prior to the trip, I even popped by BIOSKIN for their CELL FUSION FACE TREATMENT. The therapist mentioned that the combination of the facial treatment & the essence would give even better results. Thank you so much BIOSKIN for constantly showering my skin with tender loving care!


Alright, so going back to the ABSOLUTE MIRACLE ESSENCE, the reason why it’s so highly-raved is because it contains VITAMIN A to TARGET DEEP WRINKLES/ENLARGED PORES & all sorts of skin concerns. Perfect for someone like me who’s constantly under the sun & piling on makeup everyday. I don’t even want to think about having to deal with clogged pores & sun-damaged skin. Oh yes miracles do exist if you’re diligent enough to care for your skin!


In addition to that, with the VEGICAPS® UNIT DOSE TECHNOLOGY, each anti aging serum capsule keeps BIOSKIN’S ABSOLUTE MIRACLE ESSENCE stabilized until it is opened and controls the amount used per application, ensuring the properties of all the ingredients are kept intact and high-performing for the most optimum results.


It’s time to pamper your skin to the fullest & restore your youthful appearance! Grab your very own ABSOLUTE MIRACLE ESSENCE from BIOSKIN to experience the difference. It retails for $280 for a bottle of 50 CAPSULES.

Check out this special promotion extended to my readers!


*T & Cs APPLY*


6222 6777






Bali is always a good idea – be it with your girls or your loved ones. I would never say no to a chillax weekend – pool time is THE BEST you’d see why later. So much love for GARUDA INDONESIA for flying me over in style. Your plush seats made me so well-rested & ready to explore the city!

Also, a big shout-out to FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON BALI for hosting me throughout my vacation. I’ve always stayed around Seminyak area, so it was nice to check out KUTA for a change!



Alright I’d spare you from all the grandmother ramblings, let’s check in to FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON BALI already! PS, if you’re a foodie like me, you’d be happy to know there’s plenty of cute little eateries nearby. I especially loved the local fare here, it was SO GOOD! We also had a great time checking out the many hair salons & spas all within walking distance!

Isn’t the decor of the main lobby incredibly inviting? The hanging lamps from the ceiling ME LIKE! Just couldn’t resist taking countless pictures here, oops! Greedy me just had to have a double-scoop gelato, very-much needed for this hot climate. Thank you Awang!



Wasted no time in basking under the sun. What I really love about this hotel is the fact that I can literally jump into the lagoon pool from my balcony! The start of my BALI vacation looks promising already!




There’s a couple of room options, but if you’re looking to stay here, I highly recommend the direct pool access ones!




Not usually the type who wakes up early enough to enjoy breakfast, but the spread here is just simply amazing. Never mind if I need to sacrifice my sleep! As the saying goes – a happy meal leads to a happy mood all day! That’s me – my mood is highly determined by my tummy’s level of satisfaction!



Managed to squeeze in yet another pool time pre-flight! Yes there’s a rooftop pool too & it’s as beautiful up here! If only this vacation didn’t have to end so soon…


Thank you so much once again FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON BALI for your kindest hospitality. I had a splashing good time! Oh well, all good things must come to an end. Till next time, Bali!


Hello from SEOUL everyone! I’m seriously having so much fun here exploring new places & pigging out obviously! Anyway, before I start on this lengthy post, I’m going to spam some pictures of yours truly just in case you’ve forgotten me! It’s been one helluva hectic month jet-setting all over, obviously this is going to take a toll on my skin. Despite treating my face with facial masks on a daily basis, it’s simply not enough to keep it at its tip top condition.


Back in SINGAPORE, I have BIOSKIN to pamper my skin with tender loving care, but being away for a month long, it’s inevitable to have some clogged pores & uneven skin-tone. Also the cold weather here has left my skin a tad dry, hence the need to seek professional help for a quick fix.


With so many clinics all around SEOUL, it really is a tough decision to pick one. I finally decided to check out RENEWME SKIN CLINIC because my Korean girlfriend highly recommended it. Judging by the way her skin looks, I’m pretty convinced this clinic would do wonders for my face too! I’ve always wanted to try out this PRP DERMASHINE which is also known as the VAMPIRE FACIAL. Don’t worry you’d get to see a gory image of me afterwards. Unfortunately, it’s not available in Singapore but rising fast in popularity all over Korea and The States. Since I’m here, why not give this a shot right?


Because good things are meant to be shared, let this vainpot be your guinea pig! Please allow me to share with you my experience and you’d be able to see how effective this treatment is. Not to worry, I’d be more than happy to answer your queries over email. Don’t be shy to drop me a love mail at !

Liaising with RENEWME SKIN CLINIC was a breeze. Even though it’s highly popular with the locals, their consultants are able to converse in excellent English/Mandarin. Here’s a big shout-out to SAEMMUL (their English consultant) for being so patient with my 101 questions & taking great care of me during my stay! Anyhow, I was able to make an appointment with the clinic on short notice. Definitely very impressed with their level of efficiency.


Recently, RENEWME SKIN CLINIC started this VIP Pickup Service. They’re able to pick you up from your hotel & send you to the clinic. Lucky me! Not being able to converse in Korean makes it really difficult, this service saves me from the hassle of explaining to the taxi driver my destination. Plus, it really does make you feel like royalty.




Upon arrival at the clinic, I was greeted by friendly nurses who made me feel right at home. The clinic is furnished very simple yet elegant looking -just the way I like it.



Can’t resist a mirror selfie before seeing the doctor!



I had really wanted to get fat graft done for the second time, but unfortunately I’m an unsuitable candidate this time round. I’m definitely gonna start eating more so that I’d gain enough thigh fats! After assessing my skin condition, the doctor said the PRP DERMASHINE would be beneficial for me! DR. HA JI HYUN also recommended that I did SHURINK ULTRAFORMER III for FACE LIFTING/TIGHTENING & EXCEL-V LASER to ERADICATE PIGMENTATION. Yes I know it’s a sad truth, but as we age, our skin loses its elasticity & it might cause our cheeks to sag. I don’t know about you, but for me , I’m all for getting it fixed at its early stage.


Time to remove all my makeup & get ready for numbing cream! Pretty excited to not have to go under the knife and exit the clinic with a youthful look!




I would be lying if I said it’s completely painless. Thank goodness I had their powerful numbing cream on for one hour. Men have no idea what we go through for beauty’s sake! Oh well, no pain no gain right?


The EXCEL-V LASER was completely painless, but I forgot to get a picture taken since this light treatment was overly bright! It was the definitely the most comfortable amongst the three!


SHURINK is the latest upgraded HIFU TREATMENT suitable for patients who are looking to get NON-SURGICAL LIFTING done & desire an OVERALL SKIN IMPROVEMENT. I’d rate the pain factor as 2/10. You’d feel some sensation on certain areas, just like tiny ant bites. As for me, it was mainly the jaw area that felt a bit sore during the process but the soreness goes away quickly too. I would say it’s a similar feeling to getting JAW BOTOX done.



In summary, PRP DERMASHINE is HYALURONIC ACID SOLUTION mixed together with PLATELET RICH PLASMA from your own blood. It’s then INJECTED BACK TO YOUR FACE to STIMULATE COLLAGEN PRODUCTION & CORRECT YOUR SKIN FLAWS (enlarged pores/dull skin/rough skin texture).

Pain-factor wise, this was a 5/10 but still bearable. I felt more pain towards the cheeks area maybe because my skin is slightly thinner than most people. Just don’t think about the pain, think about how your skin will look all dewy afterwards!



Alright, so here is how my skin looks up-close. I know this sight is extremely terrifying ( all that raised bumps from the intensive injections) , but of course this is just temporary. But I did however notice my skin looks more PLUMPED & LIFTED immediately! Wow!




The nurse did a SOOTHING MASK, LIGHT THERAPY & a CYROCELL TREATMENT to soothe my skin. Definitely not feeling sore anymore at this point! Also, it really depends on individual, some people take a slightly longer time to recover. Mine lasted around 3 hours, that’s why I was hibernating in the clinic!


Thank you RENEWME SKIN CLINIC for giving me an after-care kit. I was told to mask religiously for 5 days afterwards to aid the healing process. For best results, avoid alcohol consumption for a week & apply sunblock. Okay I sort of cheated and drank on the third day (don’t kill me), I was pretty paranoid but thank goodness skin was still looking good!


Four days after, this is how my skin looks (taken with my Iphone 6). Oh my goodness, never thought I’d be able to wake up to skin looking like that? Even my loved ones are pretty surprised by the results. It’s still me but I look and feel younger & definitely more refreshed! In fact, the doctor did mention, your skin will keep looking better day by day after doing the PRP DERMASHINE & SHURINK. Now I know why Kim Kardashian swears by this! I’m definitely more confident to head out without makeup these days! But if you really must put on make-up, you’d notice it glides on like a dream.



Thank you so much RENEWME SKIN CLINIC! I can’t wait to be back!

For more information on RENEWME SKIN CLINIC, check out their website at . You may also add SAEMMUL -my English consultant regarding treatment/price enquiries on KAKAOTALK/WECHATrenewmeskin. Don’t forget to quote ‘AGRI’ for special promotions!


Like most ladies out there, I’m constantly on the lookout for new products to combat aging & look much younger than I really am. Of course with BIOSKIN’S monthly P2X/STEM CELL FACIAL, I must say my skin is really looking fine. But with that non-veggie diet of mine (it’s been 20 years), can you picture the amount of toxins I’ve accumulate in my body? Hence, it’s also highly essential to take a lot of supplements or stock up on those collagen drinks to maintain good skin & for overall good health.


I know there’s a lot of brands out there in the market, & I’ve personally tried a few. There were a couple of good ones, but you know how I am. I like things fuss-free, so anything that requires mixing (powdered collagen) it’s almost like a chore to me. And also, taste is another important factor! Have you tried those which has a really strong fishy smell? Those are the worst! But we drink for the sake of beauty despite how horrible it tastes! Are you guilty of that too?


Alright, long story short. When BIOSKIN launched their STEM CELL COLLAGEN DRINK which is 100% FORMULATED and MADE IN JAPAN, I was extremely excited to try upon reading their main ingredients. ASTAXANTHIN, FISH COLLAGEN PEPTIDE, PEARL COIX STEM CELL EXTRACT & HYALURONIC ACID just to name a few. And girls, just in case you’re concerned that this might lead to weight gain, fret not, this has no fat content at all!


It’s been two months since I’ve started on BIOSKIN’S STEM CELL COLLAGEN DRINK & believe me, drinking them religiously really does make a difference. And unlike the many I used to consume in the past, this tastes so good! No matter where I’m headed, I always make sure to pack enough in my luggage for my trip. I love it so much it’s become a routine to drink one bottle each night before I go to bed! Despite all that non-stop late nights while overseas, I still wake up to radiant skin each morning. #truestory


If like me, you’re looking to add a beneficial product into your beauty regime, you should give this a try for its amazing sun-protection & anti-oxidant properties! This was a serious life-saver during my sunny holiday in Bali! Thank you so much BIOSKIN!

BIOSKIN is currently having a POP UP STORE at ROBINSON JEM & RAFFLES CITY, be sure to check it out! They’re running an EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION for the STEM CELL COLLAGEN DRINK. Buy 2 boxes & get 1 box free! Don’t miss out all you vainpots!

And also, specially for my readers, BIOSKIN is extending this promotion!

Sms <Agri_Stem Cell Collagen> to +65 8288 1133 and enjoy 1 BOTTLE OF STEM CELL COLLAGEN DRINK + STEM CELL FACE TREATMENT + CELL RENEWAL CREAM @$38* only. * T&Cs apply


You know how ever since I’ve been jet-setting around, I always feel so sleep-deprived the moment I get to Singapore. Despite being all weary-eyed, here I am at EQUILIBRIUM just for my babe Vil’s birthday! Can’t believe we’ve known each other for 10 years now, oh boy how time flies!

Alright, I shall not bore you with my ramblings. Are you ready for some food porn? Believe me, it tasted as good as it looked! Especially the risotto balls we had for starters, it was SO YUMMY I can see myself coming back for it.





On to the main course! When it comes to steak, I simply can’t share & this one right here was just done to perfection in medium rare, served the very way I like.



Dessert time! Don’t be deceived by its looks – this is not a cold cut platter. It is seriously one of the most interesting dessert platter I’ve had in my life EVER. You can mix & match yourself but my favourite combination has got to be the BACON JAM paired with the WHISKEY CARAMEL JELLY. I highly recommend this DELI DOLCE PLATTER!


Thank you Vil for such an amazing dinner! Let’s head back again soon pretty please!

EQUILIBRIUM is located at CAPITOL PIAZZA, #01-86.

I hope you enjoyed this short update! Stay tuned to my next post on my brow touch-up session with BROWTISAN! Have a good week ahead everyone!


It’s official everyone! I’ve switched to a new hair sponsor – HEADLINES HAIRDRESSING. Not to worry, I’m still in good relations with my previous stylist & he’s fully aware of my switch. Now that I’ve moved, I can try out different hair treatments & see how beneficial they are for my hair. Alright JERRY, I’m counting on you to treat my hair with tender loving care from now on!

Truth be told, I’m really excited to be working with JERRY from HEADLINES HAIRDRESSING! He’s resurrected a couple of my girlfriends hair & my oh my, their hair looks so manageable even without styling I am literally green with envy. Not that my hair is in a hopeless state currently, but I’m really looking to do an intensive hair treatment for longer-lasting results! Let’s get started, shall we?




It’s time to give my hair a new coat of color for my summer vacation! It’s a special concoction because I told JERRY to surprise me! Are we all now excited to see the end result?


He finished it off with this amazing MUCOTA SCENA 3-STEP INTENSIVE. Prior to this, I’ve read up a lot with regards to this treatment & it’s apparently the holy grail of all hair treatments. No matter how much turbulence your hair has gone through in the past, all that would soon be history. This treatment is like god-sent, I can’t wait to wake up to silky smooth hair all day everyday. And the best part is that it lasts for 6 months. SAY WHAT?

My hair ends are fried from constant use of the straightening iron, oops! Let’s see how well this treatment works for me! In fact, JERRY mentioned with religious visits for this treatment, my hair will soon be glorious once again since it helps to prevent further hair damage & banish all those frizz.


CAN I JUST SAY THIS IS THE BEST TREATMENT I’VE DONE IN LIFE SO FAR? No, I ain’t exaggerating. IT IS THAT AMAZING! I haven’t felt such silky smooth hair for such a while, so please don’t mind my countless shameless shots! Oh boy, I just know that I’m gonna be addicted to this MUCOTA SCENA 3-STEP INTENSIVE !


Also, isn’t the hair color that JERRY specially concocted for me looking OH SO BEAUTIFUL! I’m back to my favorite ash tone series! Summer, I’m so ready for you! It’s time to pack my bags & jetset!




Totally can’t stop camwhoring away to such pretty hair! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!



Thank you so much JERRY! To make an appointment with HEADLINES HAIRDRESSING, call them at 6223 3133. Quote my name for 10-15% OFF ALL HAIR SERVICES! For more information, check out HTTP://WWW.HEADLINES.COM.SG .



HEADLINES HAIRDRESSING is located at 10 ANSON ROAD, #03-32, INTERNATIONAL PLAZA, TANJONG PAGAR. Have a good week ahead & stay tuned to my next update!


Finally found the time to drop by BodyPerfect to banish my tummy fats & love handles after what seemed like forever. You have no idea how toxic my recent trip was, I was such a glutton I couldn’t resist all the Shanghai delicacies! To make matters worse, I was practically partying every night, it’s no wonder I’m bloated at all the wrong places! But not to worry, because BodyPerfect always keeps my body in shape. With ULTRASONIC CAVITATION , I can eat however I like without having to step on the treadmill literally. YES IT’S THAT GOOD!


To refresh your memory a lil’, ULTRASONIC CAVITATION is the FASTEST NON-SURGICAL WAY to SCULPT & CONTOUR YOUR BODY in a PAINLESS MANNER with NO DOWNTIME. It’s extremely effective in banishing those stubborn fats which no amount of exercise can help. I’m on my third session currently & that hourglass figure is really starting to emerge! Ooh La La! Let’s take a look at how my tummy looked way before I reached out to BodyPerfect for help! For that skinny frame of mine, that bulging tummy is clearly an issue. So now you know why I preferred loose fitting apparels all these while? Nothing could hide my insecurities better than that! Please don’t cringe! Check out the bulge below the belly button!


Alright, maybe it’s more obvious when taken from the side! Yikes!


Believe me, I wouldn’t be singing praises if this treatment didn’t work wonders for me. As the therapist worked her way through my love handles, I was grinning from ear to ear knowing that as soon as she’s done, I’d be having a more contoured waistline & of course a flatter tummy. Science is amazing baby & nothing can beat that!


Decided to add on the TRIPLE ACTION WRAP for even better results. I’m not usually this greedy, but with the upcoming beach vacation, I need to have a rockin’ hot bod pronto! This TRIPLE DETOXIFICATION & CONTOURING BODY WRAP comprises of a cocktail of detoxifying plants for STRONG LIPOLYTIC ACTIVITY. In addition, the body recovers its energy & vitality, leaving it with a healthy glow!


Unlike the CAVITATION TREATMENT, this TRIPLE ACTION WRAP is 15 minutes of pure cold sensation! I had my doubts too & wasn’t sure how drastically different my body would look after and oh boy do I hate the cold! But seeing the results afterwards, I was completely sold. What on earth is this sorcery? I am definitely doing this at my next session, for vanity’s sake!


With the combination of these two power-packed treatments, am I not one step closer to getting the body shape I’ve always desired? Thank you so much BodyPerfect!


Specially for my readers, BodyPerfect is offering a 20 MINUTES ULTRASONIC CAVITATION (worth $388) ABSOLUTELY FREE! Call 6235 7377 for your free trial! Don’t miss out!

BodyPerfect is located at 541 ORCHARD ROAD, #21-03/04, LIAT TOWERS.


I must confess, when anyone asks me to whip up a meal, I would break out in cold sweat. Because the last time I did it, my friends told me straight to my face I’m not suited for the kitchen. How disheartening! Of course, I’m not the sort who gives up easily & with much practice, restaurant standard food was no meat feat for this tough cookie! So Agri, how’d you go from total noob to master chef in such a short time-span?


Alright alright, the practice part was far from the truth, & no I didn’t engage a last minute helper nor did I enrol in a cooking crash course. If you’re clueless about the ABC’s of cooking just like me & you’re in need to impress your loved ones pronto, MEAT SAUCERY can solve them all. In short, MEAT SAUCERY offers healthy, high-quality frozen meals that have been prepared with its revolutionary techniques to deliver top-notch quality food to you.


Even pricing-wise, they’re very reasonably priced which is why I keep coming back to purchase the AKETARE WAGYU STEAKS & PROVINCIAL FILLET OF SALMON! Honestly, I was never a fan of cooked salmon until I had the one here! It’s so easy to prepare, all you have to do is remove the contents from the frozen pack & heat it up! My favorite way to eat it is to slightly pan fry it over high heat!


In case you’re wondering, MEAT SAUCERY is not a walk-in restaurant but they however offer PRIVATE CHEF DINING services. The founder is so nice to organize this mini gathering for my girls to try out some the dishes I’ve been raving to them about! Our bellies were very happy at the end of it all, thank you so much! Prepare to feast with your eyes people!





Trust me, it tastes as good as it looks! There’s something about MEAT SAUCERY’S secret marinades that left us wanting for more!





Check out MEAT SAUCERY for easy-to-make-at-home gourmet minus the hefty price tag!

Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek of the studio photoshoot work I did in KL!




Have a good weekend everyone! Stay tuned to my next update on my HK BIRTHDAY TRIP!


Recently, I’ve been approached by BIOSKIN to try out their treatments & honestly, I was really excited to embark on a journey with them to attain stellar-looking skin. They’ve been around a long time & I’ve heard so much raves about their latest BIO P2x ACNE SKIN TREATMENT.

You know how many beauty salons practice the extraction method & sometimes if not done properly, it leads to scarring. But over here at BIOSKIN, big hurray to no extraction because the BIO P2X does an even better job minus the pain. I admit I’m guilty of picking on my blackheads/whiteheads at my nose sometimes up to twice a week (I know it’s such a bad habit), but in all honesty, after seeing what the BIO P2X can do, I’m quitting this habit slowly but surely.


Long story short, it works like a vacuum & sucks out all the skin impurities. I can assure you it’s painless. Believe me, I was disgusted & impressed at the same time. Imagine witnessing your blackheads & whiteheads come off one by one, major eew! But I’m not complaining because my face is squeaky clean it’s unbelievable.


I’ve previously tried out a similar machine at the doctor’s office & found it really effective in regulating my skin’s condition (lesser breakouts) + tightening my pores. This also meant you have to do a lot of maintenance (mask everyday) at home because this treatment might be a lil’ drying, But of course over at BIOSKIN, they complete this treatment with a rejuvenating facial so that your skin is fully hydrated. I felt truly relaxed during the treatment & even fell asleep halfway through the face massage!


When it comes to facial treatments, results matter a lot. You’d be happy to know there’s no downtime for the BIO P2X. With all the impurities drawn out, it makes makeup application so at ease & much longer-lasting. I’m glad the BIO P2X really does make a significant difference & looking forward to more sessions to attain Korean-looking skin. Thank you so much BIOSKIN!

Good news everyone! BIOSKIN is extending a SPECIAL PROMOTION specially for my readers! SMS < Agri_P2X> to 8288 1133 & enjoy BIO P2X + SCALP & SHOULDER MASSAGE + CELL RENEWAL CREAM (30ML) @ $38. (T & C APPLIES)

Also, I’ve started on a detox regime as of late. Don’t be mistaken, my main purpose is not to lose weight but rather to promote good health because of all the toxins I’ve been eating. Sometimes I do face the problems of over-eating & ending up with a bloated stomach. Super unglam I know! That’s when detox really helps! Also, I know for a fact that consuming red meat in large quantities is not good.


I’ve been trying out this KOGEN DETOX TEA by BIOSKIN for 5 days.When you go on full detox, your system clears out your body’s toxins effectively. And that’s exactly what I need because honestly, I’m full of poison inside.


KOGEN DETOX TEA is a FERMENTED HERBAL TEA ENZYME POWDER that HELPS IN DETOXIFICATION, STOMACH GAS REDUCTION & CONSTIPATION. It is made from 54 types of organic vegetables, fruits, weeds & yeast. Basically all the healthy stuff I definitely won’t put inside my mouth, but in powder form, I can accept.


I usually take this right before bedtime. Actually, due to my petite frame & also because my main purpose is not to lose weight drastically, I’m not required to complete a pack a day. Hence I always just do half sachet each time. See, it’s really easy to make!

I’d be heading to the toilet to let it all out (of course not like diarrhea don’t worry). So far, I haven’t experienced any tummy ache & really loving how my tummy is getting flatter day by day. I no longer have to feel so conscious in tiny cropped tops for my advertorial shoots!


Thank goodness for KOGEN DETOX TEA, I don’t have to worry about having a dragon’s appetite. Alright now, have a good week ahead & stay tuned to my next update on MEAT SAUCERY!