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[ADV] Crystal Dollies

when you wish upon a star,

makes no difference who you are,

anything your heart desires will come to you.


Despite my adventurous nature with regards to apparels, I’ve always been the type who’s been shy toward any accessories on my neck. The neck is of the most delicate amongst all body parts, having to pick the most ideal necklace used to be such a nerve-wrecking experience till I’ve given up all hope on donning one, till I encountered this star crystal pendant from Crystal Dollies.


Crystal Dollies was founded in 1998 and have been serving hundreds of happy clients around the world. Each accessories are specially designed and created by two creative girls, Kelly & Karen Lim. Crystal Dollies has a broad selection of fashion accessories which could take you from day to night, utilising quailty materials and Swarovski crystals.


If like me, you’re looking for something subtle yet invites countless praises, Crystal Dollies would be without a doubt the most ideal. I’ve gone from clueless to starry-eyed surprise overnight, and I’m not just about to stop at one.


On a side note, Crystal Dollies had launched their 1st ever Crystal Dollies Earrings Member. The 1st 20 people interested to sign up for Crystal Dollies Earrings member will receive 6 free exclusive earrings for 6 months from Crystal Dollies. Usual value for 6 months is $300 up.

One thing you could be sure of is the exclusivity of the earrings, fret no longer of spotting similar ones on other websites. Now, isn’t that great news? All earrings would be packed into bubble envelopes via registered mail.



Here’s some details on how the Ear Rings Membership works:

A one-time fee of $85 entitles you to 6 ear rings for 6 months.

All earrings are handmade and designed by local accessories designer, Kelly Lim who has created masterpieces for our very own Miss Singapore 2009. Rachel Kum , Fann Wong’s sister, Fan Wen Qing & myself.

STRICTLY for the 1st twenty people only. So hesitate no further 🙂