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[ADV] Pink Parlour

My first experience at Pink Parlour was so good I have to share it with all of you. When you mention Brazillian waxing, you want it to be a fuss-free & squeaky clean affair.


Being here sets you in a romantic mood instantly, especially with the dim lightings, candles & cozy beds.



A quick shower later, I changed into my bath robe. Pink Parlour does have shower facilities, not very common in other regular salons pre wax. Another thumbs up for that!


All you die-hard romantics would be excited to know that Pink Parlour has a couple room for the ultimate waxing experience, that’s if you’re adventurous enough.



I’m not gonna lie and say it was totally pain-free, but really the pain goes away in a split second. Pink Parlour uses only hard wax for Brazillian waxing. And having Wendy as my therapist has got to be the best thing ever. She made small chats with me to make the process least awkward as possible.


Also, if you’re prone to having ingrowns, bump eraiser might just be the perfect solution for you. Just two weeks into using it, you’d notice visible results.



And it’s true when they say ‘Once you visit Pink Parlour, there’s no other place you want to be at.’

Guess what girls?


Come celebrate Pink Parlour’s 4th Anniversary Party together with me 21st November at Far East Plaza.

Mark your calendars already today!

Trust me, you don’t wanna be missing out on this $8 hair free party!

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