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[ADV] Twinkle Nailz

My not-so-important nails have decided to attempt a virgin makeover with Jenny at Twinkle Nailz. For someone who’s a no go towards even classic manicure, imagine how my pals would react to this drastic move. Acrylic glitter extension, you got it right!


Picking a favourite colour was harder than I imagined! Jenny had a wide array of selection I was literally spoilt for choice. One minute, I wanted blue, another minute, I wanted black, but never once did Jenny blew her top. Sitting through this four hours straight was nowhere near monotonous, not with her sense of humor and positive nature.


And to think I used to cringe at the thought of having a manicure, look at me now! It’s going to be hard to stop at one once you have started! Beautiful nails are no longer out of reach, they can become your reality, just like mine.

As my reader, you get to enjoy :

1) $20.00 off Acrylic Glitter extension

2) $5.00 off Classic Manicure and Classic Pedicure (U.P$42.00)

Remember to mention ‘Agri Velt’ to enjoy the offer for November.

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