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jakarta part one

My pre-flight habit consists of starbucks & o’briens. Honestly though my groggiest moment’s during noon-time, so morning flights were never really a problem for me.



My fifth encounter with Sour Sally by now, why don’t they have this already in Singapore? Expect long queues though before you get to devour a piece of it! I’ve even gotten bubbles so hooked onto it, it’s all we ever think about when we’re here.



Can’t really decide which flavour you desire? If like me, an incredible appetite is what you have, just devour all three at once!



Oh my goodness, what are we to do if not for Sour Sally?

2 Responses to “jakarta part one”

  1. sheryl says:

    where u got ur sunglasses from?

  2. agri says:

    got it from ray ban long time ago!

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