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[ADV] Puff Accessories

I usually pay so much attention to the nitty & gritty details. Dress-check. Bracelet-check. Necklace-check. Heels-check. Handbag-check. And for the longest time I felt something was lacking, but never really figured what it was until today! Yes, that’s how long it took for me to realize how much difference a pair of earrings could do the whole look!Blame it on laziness! However, for beauty’s sake, no longer would I be!

Especially when it comes to events, earrings are like the best form of accessory. They’re so subtle yet so powerful. They can soften your look, creating a demure feel in an instant, or even inject some zest into a bland outfit!

In all honesty, the first time I encountered Puff, I was blown away. The selection was extensive & everything was so intricate, so beautiful! Picture my delight when they told me customization services were available! Check out these lovely Puff Angels!

These Puff Angels are all handmade from scratch & delicately put together. From the style of their hair to the design of their dress, each piece is unique. Plus, they’re sturdy & unbreakable!

Of course, Puff has a wide range of accessories, aside from earrings. Everything is handmade with 14K gold plated & rhodium chains, findings & wires. Talk about extreme workmanship at affordable prices! When it comes to Puff, quality is not compromised & rest assured that only the finest materials are being utilised.

Ps, sporting this pair of earrings has got me plenty of praises at The Biggest Loser Asia After Party, all thanks to Puff! Seems like I’m gonna be burning a hole in that pocket as soon as I indulge in a crazy shopping spree over at their site!

If like me, everything you seek has to be of exquisite nature,

check out .

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  1. huijin says:

    wah. the earrings look really good. 🙂

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