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the start of the weekend

Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa for the weekend, you’d think yet another spontaneous trip! Well I guess we’re just being ourselves! And we almost never made it, talk about fashionably late.

The view from the room was picturesque, but really we’ve got bigger issues to deal with, a growling tummy is the biggest deal of all,teehee! Wasted no time in some local streetfood. Dig in everybody!

Nobody wanted to try my favourite beef tongue soup, all the better! Gotta love the burning sensation on the tastebuds, and I used to hate all things spicy. See the sacrifices I make for delicious food!

Woke up at 7 in the morning, how miraculous! Encountered the most ridiculous taxi driver.

Agri: You know Finas Studios? Use meter.

Taxi Driver: Yes I know. 60RM ah?

Agri: No 60RM. The exterior of your taxi says ‘Haggling is prohibited’. Do you know that?

Taxi Driver: Yes I know miss, is jam. So 60RM ok ya? How much you want?

Agri: No! I want meter! (proceeded to board another cab)

Taxi Driver: Eh miss you must follow the queue!

Agri: Eh mister, you follow the ‘haggling is prohibited’ rule first!

Over to Finas studios for The Biggest Loser Asia Finale. Now, this is really the reason why we’re in KL. Could you even believe how my friends were betting that we’d arrive later than the scheduled time! Too bad no one placed their bets on us reaching early, or he’d be rich by now.


Families & relatives of David Gurnani flew here all the way from Jakarta for massive support, how sweet of them! Of course I’m rooting for David, after all we’re from the same place. Dawnie’s favourite was Carlo Miguel from the Phillipines! There’s no before pictures of the contestants here though, but you really have to check them out at .

Such a shame cameras were not allowed whilst the filming started! I could have captured so many nice shots. One part of the show even left us tearing when a contestant, Garry Holden went on his knees & proposed to his loved one!

Another shocking moment was when the final four emerged. The amount of weight loss was incredible! Seeing is believing!

Hurray! And the one who lost an astounding 83kg was David Gurnani! He walks away with USD $100 000 & a brand new car!

Had some Mr. Teppanyaki afterwards. In all honesty, I wished we had Pizza Hut instead, we might have been happier!

And we thought an hour of power nap would do us good & guess what? We overslept & to make matters worse, I woke up to a bloodshot plus swollen left eye, must have traumatized my dearest! It took an hour for the swelling to dissapear. And we were extremely late already! Least I didn’t forget to slip on the outfit by ClubCouture.

Indochine for the after party.

Met Martha Lai for the first time & I like her already! Also one of the final contestants for Biggest Loser Asia, her sweetness is contagious! It’s funny how we’re trying to down the shots, but took forever to get the fire on it!

No night’s complete without supper! Was in bed finally close to five in the morning & we were actually contemplating to stay awake for breakfast brunch! That obviously didn’t happen!

Bumped into Carlo on our last day here!

 Remember to check out You’d be extremely amazed by their physique now & then! They’re on the lookout for Season 2’s contestants already.

Had such a blast this time round & next weekend we’re ready to rock Jakarta! All that glorious food, plentiful shopping & crazy partying!

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  1. Your reader says:

    Babe, where do you get the flower bangle you’re wearing for the indochime after party?

  2. Diana says:

    I love your sun glasses, where are they from?

  3. agri says:

    babee all my bracelets on my website are stocks, you can purchase them by emailing me at 🙂

  4. reader! says:

    I love your white jacket. where did you got it from? are you selling it?

  5. ur reaqder says:

    i love your White fluffy jacket too. where did u get it. mind to share? thanks a million

  6. Melissa says:

    babe, may i know where are the aviators from? Thanks!

  7. Dy says:

    Babe.. Love the White Fluffy jacket u wore.. May i Noe where u Bot it…:) Tks…

  8. agri says:

    hey babe, you may email me at 🙂

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