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caught up in the rapture

The birthday celebration part one over at Ochre. Considering the fact that final project submission was early morning, I had to adhere to the ‘no late night party’ rule!

Okay, I’ve decided I love this place & I’d definitely be back on repeated visits! With the appetizers being this up to standard, taste-wise & presentation-wise, I was more than excited to see how the main course would turn out!

Ps, just in case you’re curious about the variety of watches I’ve been wearing as of late, I’d be touching on that this coming week!

Wasted no time in devouring the succulent meat & chucked the greens aside! Decided to go easy on the mains today for the dessert menu caught my eye. When in doubt, order all that your heart desires!

These amount of desserts are enough to replace a missing cake, teehee! I could really go overboard on the desserts sometimes, but that really makes me happy!


I should really get some shut-eye now before the sun rises, tomorrow’s gonna be packed with multiple activities! Till then, do stay tuned for my birthday part two & clothes updates all coming your way this week!

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