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[ADV] Monfae Watches

Long gone are the days where watches were used mainly for functionality. In today’s world, watches do more than just that – it has become a fashion statement. Each piece narrates a different story & reflects the personality of the woman who embodies it. So what’s your story?

Chancing upon Monfae, a local brand specializing in fashion watches, has been a delight! Its wide array of watches was love at first sight. Here’s the best part! Monfae watches are priced affordably from $49 to $59! Every individual can be a chameleon seven days a week minus the wallet burn! Despite the price range, Monfae does not compromise on quality & it even offers a two-year warranty from the date of purchase!

These two collections are my top favourites amongst all – so intricate & plenty of bling! It’d easily jazz up a bland outfit almost immediately. I’m usually clad in solid colours, boring much i know! Hence the need for a hand accessory in adding more zest into my outfits! I’ve always thought people never pay too much attention to a watch, boy was i wrong!

The ideal coffee session with close friends comes in the form of lovely pink. I know I’m not usually very fond of pink, but I’m growing to embrace it. It’s so lush it makes anyone blush as the sight of it!

Talking about the nightlife, dark colours are my ultimate choice. I’m a big fan of black or almost anything dark. Notice how it makes an empty wrist looks oh so very complete & I didn’t need to layer on countless bracelets like how I usually do!

Timeless yet classic – the perfect accessory anyone would need for the special dinner. They say, if you’re late, always make sure you make a grand entrance. I sure did with this classic white strap with a rose gold frame!

 If you’re an individual who’s constantly updated with the latest trends, yet feels the need to retain your personal style, Monfae’s for you. Let’s have a look at more styles in store! Surely there’s something that’d cater to you!

The watches are interchangeable between different crowns & different colour straps with no extra charges involved. Now this is what I call value-added service!

Purchase any two watches to become a member & you’d be entitled to a 20% discount. Quote ‘Agri Velt’ when purchasing to enjoy an additional 5% discount! That is 25% off, a good deal or what!

More designs are available at the store, do remember to check them out! Monfae is located at Bishan Junction 8 #02-K1 & Plaza Singapura #02-K2B.

6 Responses to “[ADV] Monfae Watches”

  1. madeleine says:

    the watch model 8004

    is still available?/

    do u ship to malaysian instead!!


  2. agri says:

    yes that can be done, can you email me at ? thanks 🙂

  3. Num says:


    The watch 8004.isit too bulky for a skinny wrist?Do u have to punch another hole?

    Thankey =)

  4. agri says:

    additional holes are punched at no extra costs 🙂

  5. Vanessa says:

    Do you guys ship to the U.S? If so, how much is the shipping?

  6. agri says:

    yes shipping is done internationally & payment can be made via paypal. the shipping costs depend on the weight of the clothes 🙂

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