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Pink Parlour Perfect Brows

 Unkempt brows are the reason why I always resort to a razor, and I must admit the end results are nowhere near how I imagined them to be! Plus it never helps that I can be quite a couch potato at times!

I’ve never had neat brows, if without an eyebrow pencil, they’re practically barren! Tried out Pink Parlour’s brow wax for the first time & I’m pretty damn sure I did the right thing!

Kudos to Wendy for giving me spick & span brows! It makes drawing my brows more precise & effortless now. This calls for a compulsory visit to Pink Parlour on a monthly basis to tidy up! You have to experience it to believe it! I’ve never been this satisfied with my brows! Definitely no more DIY for me, ever!

An exclusive privilege at Pink Parlour specially for my readers! Print this e-coupon to experience the brow waxing at only $8.00! Ps, Wendy’s a hot favourite, that I’m not gonna deny teehee! Don’t forget to call in advance to secure an appointment with her!

3 Responses to “ Pink Parlour Perfect Brows”

  1. Germaine says:


    Can I ask which outlet is Wendy from? as they have 3 outlets in singapore.

    Hear from you soon! :))

  2. hazel says:

    omg so sorry to hear about your hamster dear!!!

  3. hazel says:

    wendi’s normally @ Liang Court (:

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