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Salon Vim By Chez Vous

Headed to Salon Vim @ 313 for the first time for a subtle hair makeover. It’s been some time sinceI gave my hair some proper care & DIY kits result in frizz which is extremely horrifying. I wanna be able to wake up each day with smooth & silky hair!

Leaving my precious hair in the hands of hair extraordinaire, John Tham. Teehee all that pressure I’ve given him! And I thought at one point he might actually flare, but he kept his cool at all times & was very attentive in listening to my needs & offering suggestions on what would suit me better.

Here’s a pre-treatment he did before colouring to prevent further damage to my¬†wrecked hair! And with John’s recommendation, I went along with the golden brown highlights!

Now this is really interesting! Instead of the traditional methods used in most salons which are often time-consuming & way too overpowering, he adapted the ‘boat sail’ method for the voluminous effect. You’d just have to see how it turns out eventually!

I’m dying from suspense myself to see how the colour would turn out! My chosen base colour was olive green/brown. I wanted a change & decided to move to the lighter series! John was being extremely attentive to my stomach’s growlings too & got me my daily dose of Ya Kun Iced tea.

And when it didn’t satisfy my hunger enough, I actually went down to the food stations in this manner plus the cape! And of all times, I had to run into a classmate of mine, talk about the perfect timing! When hunger hits me so bad, I couldn’t care less about embarrassing mself, yikes!

Alas I could get my hair washed! The head massage was so good I wished it’d never end, I can’t believe I was too shy to even mention it! I even attempted to change the subject saying I preferred foot massages. Seriously? Jeez, what was up with me!

Afterwards, there was the post treatment! If I’m gonna dedicate this day to my hair, might as well go all out yes? Give it the tender loving care it’s never had! By that meaning more waiting to be done, more magazines to be read! All’s worth for healthy & silky smooth hair!

Check out how messy my table was, overloaded with food! I am really quite a glutton. My hair was trimmed at the ends too, I’m not upset over it though! Friends of mine think it’s highly insane that my hair grows at such a rapid rate!

Are you ready for the outcome now?

Oh my god, I’m loving everything about it, from the texture to the colour! Not too subtle yet not too over the top, it’s exactly just the way I wanted it to be! I especially loved the highlights which added some edge into my look! Pardon the excessive camwhoring in this post, it doesn’t happen everyday! When you have a good hair day, it’s excusable to snap a million pics! Do lemme know if you love it too!

I’ve probably said countless thank-you’s to John, but I’m gonna do it again! I’ve never been this satisfied with my hair, ever. Here’s a clearer picture on how the colour looks like in reality! Warned you on the massive picture post, there’s no turning back now teehee!

A week has passed now, and you’re probably wondering how my hair’s doing! You’ll just have to witness for yourselves through my upcoming posts. But in case you’re itching to know, maintainence is of high importance too! I’ve started using L’oreal hair products for a week now & I’m extremely amazed by their miraculous results!

Ps, mention ‘Agri Velt’ when making appointment to get 10% off all hair services. Don’t forget to request for John Tham as your stylist! He solved my hair woes & I walked out of the salon ecstatic!

Salon Vim By Chez Vous

313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09


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