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when i wish upon a star

The spontaneous trip which almost landed us in jeopardy. We missed our flight back by the way, first time ever! Despite all the running about & lack of sleep, I think for once, this can be regarded as the time of our lives! 


Sweet Julie picked us from the airport despite her tight schedule! First stop, lunch at Table 8. So spoilt for choice, we literally ordered everything & anything that was available!

Buffet spread here is way too amazing, but I particularly loved the shark’s bone soup here! 

Somerset Berlian as our humble abode, we decided on a two bedroom layout complete with a dining area & living room!

A five minute walk around the area, and we uncovered this spa haven. Pampered to the fullest in three hours with signature massage + body scrub + body masque + steam bath . All that for only 35SGD!

Thrilled customers who made it a pact to come here on a daily basis! A quick nap late, dinner at Zhuma awaits us.

Belittle us you shall not, for eating keeps us more than just sane!

Karaoke at Sun City where we almost died from some excessive screaming & mike hoggers. Dragonfly was a lot better where ‘sex on the beach’ & ‘B52’ shots came in trays after trays!

Finally we managed to catch up with friends we haven’t seen for some time now! Ps, you have no idea how much we value power naps here! Not when you hit the sack at eleven in the morning & have to be out & about by two in the noon!

Seribu Rasa right after a fabolous foot reflexology session.

Better stuff ourselves full before we head over to Blowfish for Round two of partying! They said never to mix durians with alcohol, and I’m pretty sure I did just that! Bless me!


You know for sure you’re having a blast when your night ends at seven in the morning. Correction! Two nights in a row & no signs of hangover.

And we bid Jakarta goodbye eventually, but we’d be back in a month without a doubt!

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  1. Melissa says:


    sorry this is a repeated question. may i know where are your aviators from?


  2. unknown says:

    Is that Dawn Yang?

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