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whenever you’re around

Birthday Dinner at Thai|Thai. Fell in love with this place the first time the babyboy & I came here. My fashionably late manner is of no surprise to my dearest friends but I decided on being early for once!


And I thought the babyboy would have forgotten my birthday since he’s situated in another continent, imagine my surprise when I received roses aplenty!

Didn’t manage to snap all the food pictures, but we sure had multiple platters, enough to keep even the hungriest extremely satisfied. When food is so good, all you want to do is dig in!

Headed to Supperclub rightafter & met up with everyone else! Thank you Zach for the great arrangement & Happy Birthday to you too fellow Arian!

It’s almost customary by now that it’s taboo for the birthday girl to be sober, lucky I have mastered the art of escaping!

Always indulge in photo-taking sessions or offer to become the photographer to avoid drinks at all costs! Working well so far!

Well, maybe for not too long, not when you have champagne orange & a full tray of B52’s in laid in front of you!

With my dearest Tiffany whom I shall heart till i R.I.P! Twelve years & counting, that’s how much we’ve seen each other through, teehee!

Haven’t got smashed in a long time now & I never had more fun than with my loved ones, all we’re missing is the one in LA right now! Alrighty, time for a quick nap before another night of mayhem beckons!

8 Responses to “whenever you’re around”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    hi babe, was wondering where did you get your birthday dress from?
    So gorgeous! mine mailing me at my email @!
    And anyway can i still make payment for the grey vest?

  2. yilin says:

    hi babe, would love to know where you get your dress from too. If you don’t mind, please share!

  3. mandy says:

    lov lov ur dress ..can i lknow where you get it from?

  4. skye says:

    happy b-lated birthday!

    can you please tell me who sings the song: i feel the earth move that’s playing on your site right now? i absolutely love this version. thanks in advance

  5. agri says:

    it’s by olivia ong 🙂 no worries!

  6. Stella says:

    hi babe, was wondering where did you get your birthday dress from? if you don’t mind please share. email to

  7. baby says:

    Hi Agri,

    May i noe wher u get ur bday dress…its gorgeous:)

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