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love it or leave it

Morton’s The Steakhouse. Thank god for Sarah who stopped by my place or I’d never have made it, teehee. Sometimes I could be all ready set go, but I’d never be on time somehow.Bad habits die hard!

Got too preoccupied with the succulent steak plus countless ramblings, I forgot snapshots of the fabolous desserts we had as well! The hot chocolate cake’s a must, be prepared to wait twenty minutes though!

Attica Too afterwards, music there’s hypnotic! Plus, my current obession with champagne orange makes it a must for my girlfriends to savour!

Funny how we managed to amuse ourselves with props given to us by the waiter instead of going overboard with the liqour! Yay that’s a good start!

Finished off the night, first time in history, without supper. Boohoo!

What a pleasant surprise I got waking up to this box of cupcakes! So pretty they’d put a smile to anyone’s faces! The dark choc one has become my absolute favourite! This definitely makes a real good gift for loved ones.

Check out for more flavours!

7 Responses to “love it or leave it”

  1. Julia says:

    may i know where u got ur dress from in this post and the one in your b’day post? thanks!~ 🙂

  2. fion says:

    hey babe you using any whitening products for your body?

  3. agri says:

    i got them tailor made babe & im manufacturing more pieces now, should be ready in a couple of weeks!

  4. agri says:

    nope not using any babee 🙂 just sunblock when im out in the day!

  5. Terry says:

    LOL! Vell don’t know how to hold red wine glass?

  6. evelyn says:

    What brand and series of grey lens are you and your friend wearing? Are they Geo lens? They’re gorgeous!

  7. agri says:

    i get my lenses from 🙂 it’s love gray! aww thanks babe! not too sure bout my friend’s!

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