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the colours of paradise

En route to Mimolette with an almost empty stomach, now watch me gobble up that huge chocolate bar! Intended on a mellow night out but you know that obviously never happened!

Probably the first time ever I’m dressed in a simple combination for my night-outs, but hey, sometimes comfy is good! Funny how we could derive at a gazillion snapshots in one night, don’t say I haven’t warned you on the image heavy content!

Decided to go easy on the drinks, well that’s what everyone would say at the start of the night! Only one B52 for the night, I proudly announced! Well, you’re just about to find out!

Can’t believe we haven’t patronised Mimolette close to six months now & seeing the revamped area above was quite refreshing! Thank god for air-conditioning.

Off to Butter for a bit! Seems like we’re bad at practicing self-control! So much for all talk on heading back early to hit the books. Someone’s a bad bad girl!

Then trays of B52 started coming my way & my attempt to escape was futile! Kudos to me for emptying a full tray! I know for sure tomorrow’s a full detox day.

And we found ourselves at Attica Too eventually. Seems like it’s becoming a favourite hangout for all of us now. When you want exceptionally good music, Attica Too’s the place!

So much for staying just ten minutes! You know how things are when one’s had too many. Shots came in the form of trays! In my dictionary, ten minutes usually lead up to two hours. Friends of mine could justify that teehee! Time to get some rest now!

6 Responses to “the colours of paradise”

  1. Roxanne says:

    Hey there may i know the song that’s playing? Thanks!

  2. agri says:

    it’s i feel the earth move by olivia ong 🙂

  3. May Liu says:

    Babe i love ur top….do u sell it??

  4. agri says:

    yes babe it’s for sale, putting up the proper picture soon 🙂 or you can email me at 🙂

  5. Charmaine says:


    love those bangles! Where did you get them from?

  6. agri says:

    hey babe,do you mind attaching the pics & send me an email at ! thanks 🙂

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