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Angelxin Beauty

Anyone who understands me would know that I’m not exactly a planner, but I do however get bored very easily. Pretty much obvious by my choice of clothes & hairstyles.

I’m a true blue chameleon in reality! It’s almost impossible to catch me in the same combinations twice, & I’m loving how I make it a point to make changes to my hair each month now.

Like any other being, affairs of the hair used to be one of my biggest concerns. I used to worry about going too light or too dark, or if the lengths were not as satisfactory.

Really, we ought to quit pressurizing ourselves & just go with the flow! Just the other day, I was craving some luscious locks & I went on with it! Hair extensions via the braiding method’s always the best!

With the rise of countless salons specializing in hair extensions, you’re probably wondering why Angelxin Beauty? Having worked with them before, I trust the dedicated team 100%!

In all honesty, I was pretty damn amazed that they had extentions to match my current hair colour! Trust me, it’s no easy work with the highlights on my hair. Plus, my hair’s thickness is of no joke & despite all that, they were so understanding towards my needs.

And there you go, pretty damn amazing results ain’t it! Natural-looking hair extensions are achievable & they’re not a nightmare to wash. I am one happy person now! Thank you Angelxin Beauty for handling such a difficult customer like me!

Don’t ponder too long on making that appointment with Angelxin Beauty. The three branches are City Plaza, Chinatown Point Shopping Centre & People’s Park Food Complex. Navigate for other services too!

3 Responses to “Angelxin Beauty”

  1. Dydy says:

    Hi babe, Nice Hair:) btw where did u bot ur jacket?:)tks

  2. anon says:

    hey agri I feel that you really mostly post for adverts… no offence. nevertheless you’re really pretty and I just hope you post more like day to day stuff and all even if its just about food

  3. Nhan Tran says:

    hi Agri,
    i love the jacket. do u sell it? 🙂

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