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Fashion Interview by Bianca Zen

by Bianca Zen 

Agri Velt is no stranger to the world of Chanel, parties, cocktails and beautiful clothes. To me, she has an exceptionally exotic face for an Indonesian. As public as she is, there is also a mega part of her which she keeps very private. However unlike other socialites, Agri has a sense of creative expression of style and a nice disposition built around her.

Agri loves her food although she often blogs about the sacrifices she makes for delicious cuisines as she is allergic to seafood and cannot stand spicy food.  But Sour Sally Frozen Yoghurt she adores! This big spender is crazy about Chanel and pays attention to details. I love ladies who are particular about aesthetic outlook as to me, that kind of character depicts creative style and original taste. Not forgetting to mention how I heart the awesome fashion photography on her blog!

“Overly obsessed with all things quirky” and pretty things, this 22 year-old is known in Jakarta as the Paris Hilton of Indonesia. How does she keep up with the trend and expectation of the fashion public?

By being the fabulous her, I must say.  Let’s peep into her perfect world.

Selamat datang di MFP, Agri! Nikmatilah artikel-artikel kami!

Hello! Please tell us more about yourself.

I’m quite a perfectionist and I don’t take ‘no’ as an answer! That aside, I’m a shopping freak. I love to do things out of spontaneity! And I think it’s no secret that my full day consists of five meals. I’m that much of a food person.

It’s not rare to spot me still awake & having a full course Japanese meal at 3 in the morning!


With such amazing colours on your blog headboard and the first line I read being “I usually pay so much attention to the nitty and gritty details.” Tell me more about your fashion style.

My fashion style’s very erratic, I like to evolve depending on my moods, it really depends. I like elaborate accessories & intricate pieces! They add so much character into your already elaborate outfit! On my lazy days, even if I end up with a t-shirt and shorts combination, I’d make sure I have something fancy thrown over. Jackets are my top musts alongside with bracelets! Every bit counts, even down to the shoes!

In fact, I swear by the statement that one can never have enough shoes! But really, I dress up because it’s my passion, not for anyone else. When I go shopping, I’m not usually on a mission to look for something, but I’d get whatever catches my eye. I think going with the flow always works better when it comes to finding what’s good & what’s not for yourself.

You are also close to Michelle Phan who is a make-up guru in youtube.  How did that relationship begin?

We hit it pretty well when we first encountered one another while I was seventeen then! We had a lot in common & not forgetting our birthdays are just a few days apart! She’s been very supportive of what I’m doing & the same goes for me. In fact, we’ve been good friends for 5 years & counting now!

I think it’s really amazing what’s she doing right now & I’m really proud of her. We’re finally going to have a blast once I hit the States if all goes well.

I understand that you are still studying. What are you studying?

Nah, I’m officially done with dreaded examinations, submissions & what-nots! Lecturers should be more elated than I am as I wasn’t exactly the ‘role model’ student. I was pretty much a nightmare. Tee hee! Think you could figure out the rest, outrageous lateness, medical certificates came up to a crazy pile and regular visits to the dean’s office! I was doing Advertising Design before I moved on with Mass Communications!

Then, when I did Mass Communications, my work load was immediately lessened & I had more time for everything else!

You look exotic for an Indonesian! You were from Jakarta I heard. How is it there?

Wow thank you! The party scene’s the reason it makes me come back time & time again! Plus, I like the fact that there’s no such thing as being overdressed there. You could wear formal wear to party and you’d blend with the crowd! Then, there’s the restaurants with extravagant decor, which I’m a total sucker for. If you fail to impress me with decor, you better have food that’s unbelievably good! I’m superficial like that. Tee Hee.

And not forgetting ridiculously cheap massage parlours that’s not dodgy! Coming to the most important part, you’d never believe you could get your hair dyed, get a manicure/pedicure, and even a foot/hand massage all at the same time in the salons. Now that is what I regard as full pampering!

And if you’re starving, their dedicated staff would be more than glad to get you food from your chosen restaurant! The only bad thing about Jakarta are the jams, being stuck on the roads for two hours to a nearby destination is a common sight.

You travel a lot. Where do you find the time to juggle it all?

You know it’s funny how we’re constantly saying we have no time for this and that… But I’ve learnt that when you really want something, you’d actually make time for it.

The same goes for travelling! Besides, school’s out for me and  I’m not exactly in the mood to start work till I’ve covered all the places I’ve put on my checklist.

How did you first meet Dawn Yang? Do you remember those days?

For sure I’m good with memories like that. Tee hee. The first time we had food at Hong Kong Cafe, her appetite determined that we could click! I love girls who can eat an astounding amount, because it’s well, my number one passion alongside with my loverboy.

One outing led to another & not long after, we started embarking on spontaneous trips & ended up having the time of our lives! And we’ve even missed our flights, been stranded in the airport for 6 hours, all due to excessive shopping, this I kid you not!

Do you remember your first encounters with Rachel Kum?
Yeah, we were the only two people at a house party to be caught munching on pizza & chips while everyone else were hitting the bar counter. How very unlikely isn’t it! And now she’s one of the best listening ears I’ve got & I’m very appreciative of that! Despite our busy schedules, we check back on one another frequently!

Do you remember your first encounters with Rachel Kum?
Yeah, we were the only two people at a house party to be caught munching on pizza & chips while everyone else were hitting the bar counter. How very unlikely isn’t it! And now she’s one of the best listening ears I’ve got & I’m very appreciative of that! Despite our busy schedules, we check back on one another frequently!

You love Jägerbomb. How do you keep up the night with such a potent tonic?

My favourite’s the B52 currently, enough with the Jaggerbombs! Unless you want to be awake till ten in the morning, stay away from them!

Being a socialite, how do you differentiate between love and lust from men?

It’s pretty obvious though! Men who genuinely likes you take the time to get to know you better & lucky for me, I’ve found my other half who truly understands & trusts me. Men who lust after you tend to rush into things & touches on mainly superficial topics.

You are the fashion ambassador for Club Couture. How is their style similar to yours?

ClubCouture’s pieces appeal to me because they speak a language of its own. I like how their basic pieces have some edge to it & it makes layering/accessorizing very easy for me.

In your own definition, what makes a woman modern and smart?

An independent woman with a perfect sense of style is naturally more attractive. Different situations call for different approaches, a smart woman would have the resourcefulness & determination to maneuver through life’s challenges.

What, to you, is being financially independent? Do you think you are financially savvy and smart? Why?

I’m quite a high spender & I might go a little overboard at times. However, I always make it a point to not to squander all my earnings & only use partially for my indulgence. So far so good though!

What does the phrase “My Fat Pocket” remind you of?

A thick wad of cash that’s unlimited!

Have a great day to all! I promise to be more religious in my updates!

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  1. sherr says:

    hey agri, can u pls recommend a good hair salon in jakarta? i want to get my hair dyed when im there


  2. janice says:

    hey babe, i really love your sense of fashion and especially the kind of photos you take in the studio.

    The colours used are fantastic.

    Good job babe!!! =)0


    , jan

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