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love in LAX part one

The three-week long summer loving in a place away from home. My heart takes me to one of the best cities in the world – Los Angeles. There I take on a retreat armed with a fistful of dreams, feast on some of the best cuisines, satisfy all my shopping needs & fall in love all over again.

A quick change later, wandered off to Little Tokyo. Daikokuya for yummilicious ramen! Be prepared for a long wait though, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Good things are worth waiting for!

Waking up early morning has become has such a breeze, apparently my messed up sleeping pattern in Singapore works perfect for me here! Plus, not having to deal with humidity or the scorching sun, it makes dressing up such a fun activity every single day. LA really does have the perfect weather.

Downtown LA for some shopping.

Staples Centre.

Rock & Fish for dinner.

Third Street Promenade with my honey – Michelle Phan. We go way back & she’s awesome fun to be with! Boy do I love this place! Our passion for food takes us to greater heights of satisfaction.

Be back later to fill in the words & more pictures! I’m running late for dinner plans. Till then, have a great week ahead!

12 Responses to “love in LAX part one”

  1. Jasmin says:

    Hi Agri, hope u are donig well
    nIcE pictures by the way 😀

  2. Dina says:


    Love your style & blog.Can you tell me what kind of model you are wearing on the pictures? Love it. Enjoy your stay in US.

  3. Dina says:

    I mean your sunglass on the pictures.:)

  4. beline says:

    Hi babe,would like to know when you’re updating new apparels ? very looking forward to your updates !

  5. Jennifer Ko says:

    I’m from LA, glad you had fun!

  6. janice says:

    OMG i LOVE LOVE Pink Berry !!! =))

    have a great time babe!

  7. hi says:

    Hi there, Your pink top is a jacket or just a normal top?
    And your grey blouse belong to your bf or yours cause it look big on you.

  8. agri says:

    it’s a jacket! haha the grey blouse’s mine, i always love wearing oversized stuff!

  9. agri says:

    in about a week! i’ve got the pictures, just need to clear other entries first 🙂

  10. K says:

    great pics A, that new hair colour looks really good on you! love that navy blazer in one of the shots, but now I’m strangely craving a huuge bowl of ramen…

  11. meibijoux says:

    u and ur bf look very compatible together, like A-list korean star couple!!! i love ur style and love ur new hair colour too, waiting for ur upcoming post LA trippp. xoxo

  12. jara says:

    Hi can you tell me what the name of the background song is?
    thanks and you look great!


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