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if we’re strong enough

The most unplanned night ever where we initially decided on staying in & catch a couple of movies complete with finger food. Apparently, that never happened & a quick change later, we’re out in our laziest attires.

A few jaggerbombs & B52s later, our dearest friend decided on a disappearing act! Turns out she’s been in the restroom in agony for the past hour, oh shucks!

Pardon our fascination with plentiful eyewear today! We turned from initial cranky to exreme maniacs, told you all things with redbull result in insanity. And no, we’re not ashamed of that.

What’s a night out without my favourite bubuvu! As alike as two peas we might seem, we’re really two extreme ends of a magnet,teehee!

Never thought we could derive at an astounding amount of photos in three hours! And it’s not time to crash just as yet, something tells me my night is incomplete!

This is how I’d end the night – some compulsory supper loving. One should never neglect his growling tummy, well at least I’d never in a million years do such a thing.

i hear you everywhere

The first place to hit upon touchdown- La Maison. All worries over fighting jetlag were immediately taken care of. Meet me & my 1/2 jaggerbomb buddy. Totally a bad idea!

The intention to stay awhile was obviously not successful. As drinks made their way to us like a never-ending waterfall, we know we’re gonna have to deal with some serious hangover the day after. But right now, tomorrow’s not in our minds.

Someone looks exceptionally ravishing in pink, doesn’t she? And she constantly reminds pink is her least favourite colour, oh how ironic! This is probably the start of the fantastic pink adventure!

You know you’re not in such a good state when all you’re thinking about is bottoms up! That’s not me for sure, the whole time I was craving for some Jack in the Box strawberry milkshake!


The result of an overly enthusiastic other half! He’s turned me into a raging lion & I’m dying to attack! Better feed me some fresh beef before I turn berserk!


Before you think party time’s over, guess who’s coming to Singapore August 18th? Here’s a clue!

‘Shawty’s like a melody in my head

That I can’t keep out

Got me singin’ like

Na na na na everyday

It’s like my iPod stuck on replay, replay-ay-ay-ay…..’

Mark your dates & let’s all get hyped up for this one night performance by Iyaz,Kevin Lyttle & various special appearances over at Fort Canning. You’re in for a good show! I’ve already gotten my tix!

For more information, visit .

love in LAX part three

Pacific Park with the lover fills me with all sorts of flutter. Who knew a simple stroll on the beach could reset the butterflies in my stomach! Funny how I seem to embrace the sun here better too!

A pity I wasn’t in proper footwear or I’d be prancing all over the sand! Next time I must! 

My current fascination over corn dogs, boy was it good! We were about to grab a few more, but to our disappointment, they were sold out, big boohoo!

Don’t we all love how theme parks are so colourful! There’s this instant happiness that we get just upon entering!

On board the Ferris Wheel & the view from the top was splendid. How nice if everything could move at slower rate once in a while!

Ended the night off with some scrumptious potatoes!

Rock Sugar.

The Grove.

I’m dead sleepy right now & so in need of a shut-eye. Pardon the sudden abruption! I’d be back to fill in the words & the rest of the pictures! Have a great day ahead!

standing on the shore

Sometimes I feel like the world’s spinning way too fast, but I’m not about to fall behind times. It’s always a race against time isn’t it? Everyday’s a new life, & yes I have become more alive. Let’s all embrace a new day & without further ado, let’s put the fun back into shopping!

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all things good combined.

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where paradise awaits.

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iRoo’s Grand Opening

iRoo‘s grand opening was a smash hit! Here’s some of  the behind-the-scenes snapshots. It’s always frantic backstage, with the makeup & hair, the rehearsals, plus the finalizing of looks. Thank you Chloe, I especially love the makeup you did!

In all honesty, I’ve never really fancied my hair up. All that amount of hair spray gets on my nerves! But then again, it really does match the look I was assigned better, feel like royalty!

Besides, it’s not too often that you get to see me in purple. It was a challenge making my way around, trust me, you don’t wanna be fooling around when you have pins all over your back! Being a live mannequin’s not easy at all, really trains your stamina for an hour.

Cameras aplenty & amidst all that flashes, live mannequins have to keep still without exchange of words. Talk about a mannequin’s life! Thank god we’re allowed to snap back to reality afterwards.

Alas, what’s a launch party without the sweet treats & some wine! Even a third helping was not sufficient, teehee! Bianca & Esther to the rescue at the sound of our grumbling tummies! They’re the best!

iRoo is located at Marina Bay Sands #B2-101/101A. It’s time to check it out if you haven’t done so!

Razortv Interview

Did an interview with Razortv on stylish legwear – Citrusox. Pardon my constant fidgeting, the heat was intolerable I must admit, plus I wasn’t exactly calm & collected!

Just check out the wide array of selection here! It’s not that hard to be stylish 24/7 when you’re in Citrusox legwear. Even the babyboy got himself some cute toe socks. Uber cute! Now he can wiggle his toes while I chuckle in delight.

Think by now it’s pretty obvious I’m not so much of elaborate tops. In fact, I love basic tops 90% of the time. The transformation occurs with the choice of outerwear depending on my mood.

With the babyboy, every place we station ourselves in automatically becomes a playground! That’s without a doubt.

Citrusox is located at Bishan Junction 8, don’t forget to drop by!

By the way, the Citrusox contest is still on!

Step 1 – Like Citrusox on facebook.

Step 2 – Write on Citrusox Facebook Wall why you deserve to win.

Step 3 – Send in as many outfits as you like, paired with Citrusox legwear to together with your name & IC.

Just in case you’re wondering who I did my nails with, it’s Jenny – my trusted manicurist. She’s such a sweetheart! You can see more of her designs at . Meanwhile, let me show you closeup pictures of the amazing inlay art she did for me.

This is the third time I’ve gotten my nails done with her! I’m always overwhelmed by her many intricate designs, but she’s always so helpful in suggesting what would look good on me. And the end result always exceeds my expectations! Thank you Jenny!

For alluring nails, you know there’s always !

love in LAX part two

Out & about at nine in the morning, how rare! I love how I’ve become such a day person here! Plus, Jack in the Box breakfast on the road’s heavenly. Universal Studios here we come! 

A true blue glutton I was, finishing up the babyboy’s portion was nowhere near absurd! Why oh why are the burritos here so sinful!

Gotta love theme parks on a weekday where we could sit rides over & over without never-ending queues! And no, we didn’t feel dizzy once!

There’s something magical about theme parks don’t you think? Suddenly it’s perfectly excusable if you take a million photos or prance around with your other half like there’s no tomorrow.

And the best part being, you don’t sweat one bit despite running around like a child. That’s how perfect the weather is here!

Next up, I think we went a lil’ overboard in the candy store! When you’re so spoilt for choice, you literally wipe out everything!

If my dearest babyvell was here, she’d literally go insane! It’s all sugar! She’s the ultimate candy freak who knows everything about all things sweet.

Today felt like the childhood days, where everything was so carefree. Even the littlest things never failed to fascinate me!

Just when he thought I was about to take a shot next to the shark just like everyone else, I did the unbelievable & climbed right in, teehee!

And we absolutely love the Jurrasic ride, it’s all about the plunge! The ride attendant was so nice to tell us to keep to the middle seats if we don’t wanna get wet! True enough!

With Lil’ Niqo who’s so incredibly cute! And once he had that mike, the crowd was on fire! Check out his music at .


Ended the night off with some Yogurtland & some crazy toppings! Alright now, time to catch up on more sleep.

Do you have what it takes?

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of all things monotone, although I indulge in abit of colours once in a while.

Here’s an assignment for all you fashionistas!

1) Come up with your most interesting look with monotone colours.

2) Send in those pictures to within 24 hours together with your full name & age!

3) Also, include a line why you want to win!

It’s that easy! And the winner I pick gets $50 ClubCouture shopping vouchers & a free signature tank top to style & immediate entry into the Who Wore It Best Contest.

The ClubCouture ambassadors had the same contest a month back, and now the same contest is organized for all of you! Hurray!

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