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if we’re strong enough

The most unplanned night ever where we initially decided on staying in & catch a couple of movies complete with finger food. Apparently, that never happened & a quick change later, we’re out in our laziest attires.

A few jaggerbombs & B52s later, our dearest friend decided on a disappearing act! Turns out she’s been in the restroom in agony for the past hour, oh shucks!

Pardon our fascination with plentiful eyewear today! We turned from initial cranky to exreme maniacs, told you all things with redbull result in insanity. And no, we’re not ashamed of that.

What’s a night out without my favourite bubuvu! As alike as two peas we might seem, we’re really two extreme ends of a magnet,teehee!

Never thought we could derive at an astounding amount of photos in three hours! And it’s not time to crash just as yet, something tells me my night is incomplete!

This is how I’d end the night – some compulsory supper loving. One should never neglect his growling tummy, well at least I’d never in a million years do such a thing.

2 Responses to “if we’re strong enough”

  1. jara says:

    Hi! Just wondering what’s the song that’s playing in the back?
    And you look great!

  2. jee says:

    yesyes what’s that song playing at the back? it’s really nice

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