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love in LAX part two

Out & about at nine in the morning, how rare! I love how I’ve become such a day person here! Plus, Jack in the Box breakfast on the road’s heavenly. Universal Studios here we come! 

A true blue glutton I was, finishing up the babyboy’s portion was nowhere near absurd! Why oh why are the burritos here so sinful!

Gotta love theme parks on a weekday where we could sit rides over & over without never-ending queues! And no, we didn’t feel dizzy once!

There’s something magical about theme parks don’t you think? Suddenly it’s perfectly excusable if you take a million photos or prance around with your other half like there’s no tomorrow.

And the best part being, you don’t sweat one bit despite running around like a child. That’s how perfect the weather is here!

Next up, I think we went a lil’ overboard in the candy store! When you’re so spoilt for choice, you literally wipe out everything!

If my dearest babyvell was here, she’d literally go insane! It’s all sugar! She’s the ultimate candy freak who knows everything about all things sweet.

Today felt like the childhood days, where everything was so carefree. Even the littlest things never failed to fascinate me!

Just when he thought I was about to take a shot next to the shark just like everyone else, I did the unbelievable & climbed right in, teehee!

And we absolutely love the Jurrasic ride, it’s all about the plunge! The ride attendant was so nice to tell us to keep to the middle seats if we don’t wanna get wet! True enough!

With Lil’ Niqo who’s so incredibly cute! And once he had that mike, the crowd was on fire! Check out his music at .


Ended the night off with some Yogurtland & some crazy toppings! Alright now, time to catch up on more sleep.

12 Responses to “love in LAX part two”

  1. Reader says:

    babe where did you get the black bag?

  2. hoejiayi says:

    hi dear, you selling your blue blazer?

  3. agri says:

    yes babee email me at 🙂

  4. vfrois says:

    love the shirt, blazer and white sandal! lovely! WTB!!!

  5. Miss So says:

    Hey hun, where did you get your gorgeous cuff from? It’s stunning!

  6. cher says:

    where you got your bangle may i know?

  7. gilly says:

    Hi, where did you get your leggings and blazer?

  8. lynna says:

    hi pretty! i’m just curious to know, are you Chinese? Malay? or mixed? hee

  9. lynna says:

    oh, and where did you get your sandals? they’re lovely! 🙂

  10. putri says:

    i also have the same question hmmpf.. where did you get those Sandals? i really want it 🙁

  11. agri says:

    the grey one or the white babe?

  12. putri says:

    i mean the white one

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