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A wish come true with ClubCouture

ClubCouture’s doing something a lil’ different, how excited was I after being told the ambassadors get to design & produce our desired dress! Without further ado, here’s mine!

Staying true to my style, where simplicity is chic & nothing too flamboyant & sticking to my all-time favourite black. I’ve always believed black to be the canvas for creativity. Choosing to play it up or down depends on your choice of accessories. Plus, if you’re thinking of a day to night dress, this could be your ultimate solution!

Here’s the thing though :

Only the TOP TWO designs get to be produced!

Send me some love by liking my picture here! Do add ClubCouture as a fan on facebook first!

It’s that easy & here’s what the other ambassadors came up with:

August 4th’s the closing date, and yikes, that’s a day left! If you’d like a chance to win my desired dress, remember to send some love here!

3 Responses to “A wish come true with ClubCouture”

  1. K says:

    looking forward to seeing your dresses!

    by the way, can you pretty please sell more tattoo-inspired mini dresses? 😉

  2. sufang koh says:

    Love your clothes,pls add me to your mailling list and pls email me if having new launch…Thanks…

  3. Nhan Tran says:

    Hi Agei,
    I really love your clothes. I want to buy but dont know how
    Please add me to your mailing list and email me anytime if you have new thing
    thank you

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