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don’t shut it down

The need to eat landed us at Yumeya. Late dinner habits ought to stop, or maybe old habits die hard. I would love a dinner at seven for once, and being ultimate laidback does not help.

Kudos to me for getting someone to savour the deadly puffer fish! Yes people can actually die from eating that if not prepared properly, so eat at your own risk! We actually googled it in the midst of our feast, talk about ultimate worries.

It could only be Butter afterwards with the same ol’ crowd! We’re so ever ready to have a smashing good time.

And you thought we’re only elated with the company of liqour! We’re not in need of that, for we’re naturally high by nature.

Then again, you know something’s not right when guys fancy camwhoring as much as you do. For them to be so totally enthusiastic, I give them the thumbs up!

Then the jaggerbombs wouldn’t stop comingĀ & knowing us, we couldn’t resist. Never say never, cause you’d keep doing it over & over without realizing!

All i crave now is a deep tissue massage to ease all the tensed up muscles & get ready for a smashing weekend!

On a side note, Salon Vim’s having another promotion! What are you waiting for?

Time for me to fix another appointment to fix those tresses! Salon Vim by Chez Vous is at Somerset 313. Call 68847757 & request for John Tham as your stylist.

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