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Good Skin with ClearSK

Took sometime over the week to head down to ClearSK. No matter how busy one might be, there’s really no such thing as no time for a skin fix! Not in my case at least.

ClearSK’s located at 177 Toa Payoh Central #01-134/136.

Look how lush the place is, makes me feel at home instantly! I totally dig the waiting area. The results of excessive travelling has taken a toll on my skin & nothing works better than a chemical peel. And you wonder what it does exactly?

1) Causes removal of the epidermal to dermal layer of the skin.

2) Hastens the cell renewal process.

3) Improves texture of the skin.

4) Reduces pigmentation & mild wrinkles.

Here I am, whilst waiting for the skin to frost. You’d feel a slight tingling sensation depending on the depth of peel & the concentration of the acids, but trust me, you’re gonna be really happy with your new skin in a few days to come.

It takes about 4-6 days for superficial peels & 7-14 days for deeper peels, so be prepared to stay in & avoid the sun meanwhile. My favourite part of it all? When the old skin starts peeling like fish flakes & the silky smooth skin is revealed.

Chemical peels are found to be the second most popular aesthetic procedures done after Botox in the USA. If you have acne prone skin, chemical peel could the solution to your woes too. Some types of chemical used are – Glycolic or AHA alpha hydroxy acids, Salicylic acid, Lactic acid, TCA Trichloroacetic acid.

I am loving the after effects of a peel, but don’t forget to put on sunblock when you’re out & about!

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