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too hard to decipher

My favourite place on earth with babyvell. Nothing beats a weekend escapade like this one & we’ve discovered the perfect way to conquer the massive jams.

Here we spent each day sourcing for glorious food & indulging in massages to nurse our poor feet from excessive partying.

The two must-have dishes each time I’m at ITC Mangga Dua. That place itself is like a maze, but good food worth’s finding!

Nothing spells home like Blowfish does! There’s a reason why we keep coming back.

The after effects of way too many jaggerbombs. Thank god for 24 hour dim sum places!

Barely recovering from the night before, out & about at nine in the morning! Each time we’re on holiday, we love being up when the sun beckons us to. Truth be told, I’m the devilish one who wakes the entire entourage at the sound of my growling stomach,teehee.

The hunger deprived before a full day’s shopping, and this was only lunch, mind you! My fascination with ox tail soup leaves babyvell speechless.


Once night falls, there comes the rise of ravenous appetites at Potato Head. Do not belittle me! Desserts here are exceptionally good, and knowing me, one’s never enough.

Dragonfly afterwards where B52s did their jobs and eventually got us dancing on the couches! Too much fun we forgot to capture the moments,teehee.

Breakfast at seven in the morning with no sleep, & probably one of the best I’ve had, straight from all that partying. Dearest jaggerbomb, sometimes I hate you so very much.

What’s a weekend with my loveliest if we didn’t complete it with Sour Sally? If you think we overdid the amount, you’ve probably haven’t tried the best yoghurt yet! Time to hit the sacks now,goodnight!

Colour me with Salon Vim

Late night snacks at Coffee Club, where lasagne & strawberry milkshake’s enough to satisfy my hunger pangs.

Eventually, I got bored of the hair extensions & my feet took me to my favourite Salon Vim. Goodbye overly long locks, it’s time for John Tham to do his magic with them yet again!

I always leave the decision making to John because I trust his judgement. He decided on a rose brown base & utilised the mountain road technique for the olive brown highlights. And the scalp massage here’s so good I wished it would go on forever!

I also did the Cataplasme Ginseng treatment that’s suited for color-treated hair. It’s filled with ginseng, known for its invigorating properties. Plus, it gives color-treated hair intense shine, clearly visible from the images I’ve taken! I couldn’t keep my hands off my silky smooth hair afterwards,teehee.

Told you I could always count on John Tham in achieving revitalized & beautiful hair. Alas, you should not neglect caring for your hair daily. With professional L’oreal products, I’m on my way to having good hair days on a daily basis.


Salon Vim by Chez Vous is located at 313@Somerset #04-07/08/09. Quote ‘Agri Velt’ when making an apppointment to get 10% off hair services & request for John Tham as your preferred stylist! Here’s the number to call: 68847757 / 68847767.

Alas, with some time to spare, a date with Kenko fish spa became such a tickling sensation. Dead skin begone & we’re all happy!

Party with Jacky Wu @ Supperclub

They send you into peals of laughter with their jokes & crazy antics…

Catch No.1 Taiwan host Jacky Wu (my absolute favourite) & comedians Xiao Zhong & Kang Kang in their pre-concert party at Supperclub on the 24th of September!

Some lucky fans will be able to get up close & personal with the 3 comedians in this rare opportunity! Doors open at 10pm & tickets are available for sale at the door at a special rate of $28!

Supperclub is located at Odeon Towers. See you Friday!

like a teenage dream

Here’s a mini update before the weekend comes to an end! Taking it slow’s the best therapy supposedly, although it’s almost impossible, especially not with the girlfriends back in town. Totally intense & there goes the start of my jaggerbombs. I crave sleep.

BlackWater Photography – 9068 7869


enjoy the silence.

$39.00 (vest)


out of this world.

$45.00 (dress)

right where you’re standing.

$39.00 (top)

the rhythm leaves me intoxicated.



let’s speed it up.

$39.00 (dress)

with eyes wide open.

$45.00 (blazer)

let the music take control.



indulge like nature intended.

$39.00 (dress)

the unlimited colour play.

$45.00 (jacket)

a spark to the season.


at the party circuit.

Drop your enquiries & place your orders to .

Daily looks with ClubCouture

Here’s how I keep myself fabulously stylish everyday with ClubCouture. Waking up everyday’s a joy when the start of the day involves room for creativity.

Photography courtesy of .

Somedays when I’m feeling demure, this ribbon chiffon top from ClubCouture does the trick. Paired with my favourite pants & floral frenzy shoes, I’m all ready for a dinner date with my loved one!

Somedays I don’t put too much thought into my outfit choice & embrace colour clash! I’m crazy over all forms of outerwear, that’s no secret by now.

ClubCouture’s zebra satin vest together with my multi-coloured top adds a new twist to the look. When I’m out shopping, I llike to be in clothes that spell comfort yet fun.

Then there’s the Sunday brunches with girlfriends & I’m all laidback in this ensemble. I love how being casual doesn’t equate to sloppy. ClubCouture understands that. Plus, I don’t really wear earth tones a lot, but I’m starting to think it’s a really good break from the usual blacks & whites.

Somedays, a dash of pink does a big difference. I used to shy away from pink a lot in the past & it took me so long to realize what I’ve been missing out on!

See how versatile this pink tube dress is, depending on the look you’re going for! I have my moods too & I dress quite according to them.

Of course, one’s wardrobe cannot do without a casual top. I love how you can regard it as a base & be creative about playing it up. I’ve had my fair share of monotones, so this pink top from ClubCouture came at the right time. Totally appropriate for the laziest beings.

Lastly, what’s a week without a party? This black rugged top is just one of the many representations of who I am. I am a chameleon & I’m proud of it.

Ps, ClubCouture has just launched their latest collection entitled ‘Flair’ & the items are running out already. Hurry along, for you never know what awesome loots you might find!

feels like a holiday

There are days where stop moving at such a fast pace & embrace all that’s around me. Basically, stepping out of my comfort zone & often I’m surprised in a good way. Same goes for apparels, restricting yourself to one particular style seven days a week gets bland. Let’s all take a big step now in making room for fresh additions!

BlackWater Photography – 9068 7869


there’s no reason why.



all the good memories.


like a morning call.


in love all over again.


a secret i’d never tell.



sweet dreams turned reality.


deep inside of love.


like a fairy she transcends.


the night-time lover.


unlike any other sundays.


a splash of adventure.


the start of a beautiful day.



the enchanted garden.



take me to the dancefloor.


the maze of love.

Drop your enquiries & place your orders to .

love in LAX part four

 When you wake up in the wee hours craving for something so bad & someone decides to whip up a simple fare specially for you, that’s probably one of the sweetest thing ever.

Dinner at my favourite Korean BBQ Restaurant – Soowon Galbi. If they had this in Singapore, I’d patronize everyday!

Even though we overordered, we finished every bit of it! The ox tongue was superb, everything else was perfection. Just by looking at this could make the hungered souls salivate.

There was also the nice warm Green Tea Latte from Urth which I wished I had more of! Next time I must.

Over at Craft Restaurant, I love my scallops like she loves her foie gras. I’ve probably never eaten so much in any other place, but food here’s really good! And talking about desserts, I was totally blown away.

Probably the worst thing to do before a yoga class, but what the heck, you only live once! Because I’m such a dessert freak, I’d break all rules. Plus, this ain’t any dessert, this is GJELINA.

Don’t you just love it when every place you step foot into serves mouthwatering food? Ps, I eat everything with strawberry milkshake. Insane much! Told you I was here to gain some weight!

Think we might have overdid the drinks a lil’ whilst partying, the results of B52’s & Patron landed us at a Korean Karaoke place. I was a red lobster for once, oh my god. If my memory didn’t fail me, the Karaoke place was called Ding Dong Dong?

And Hodori has become my official favourite supper place! Finally a good break from pratas & chicken rice. Korean food at four in the morning puts a smile upon my face.

Le Petit Four with the lover. I absolutely adore the ambience here, & the desserts here are to die for. I actually had to have two desserts all on my own, teehee!

Yet another supper place that didn’t disappoint! At BCD Tofu House, where piping hot soup keeps me warm from the chilly weather! I opted for the non spicy Squid Soon Tofu, spicy was way tastier though!

Off to Heyri Coffee House afterwards, where it felt abit chilly we had to ask for blankets! Nevertheless, I’m still having the ice-cream waffle!

Did an illegal park just to take these pictures, talk about extreme! Despite having roamed the streets since morning, despite lugging our tired feet, this is one of my favourite pictures!

Galbi Soowon was so good I just had to do a second round! With my loveliest babes, this is what we call living life to the fullest & eating like there’s no tomorrow! Check out that astounding amount of meat!

Despite how our lives are somehow situated with danger, there’s probably no one else who could comprehend me like she does. Thirteen years now & counting, I heart my BFF!

Time to snap back & stop thinking about fabolous feasts! Life’s not all about chocolate truffles & I should get started on my apparel post! Till then, have a great weekend to all.