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love in LAX part four

 When you wake up in the wee hours craving for something so bad & someone decides to whip up a simple fare specially for you, that’s probably one of the sweetest thing ever.

Dinner at my favourite Korean BBQ Restaurant – Soowon Galbi. If they had this in Singapore, I’d patronize everyday!

Even though we overordered, we finished every bit of it! The ox tongue was superb, everything else was perfection. Just by looking at this could make the hungered souls salivate.

There was also the nice warm Green Tea Latte from Urth which I wished I had more of! Next time I must.

Over at Craft Restaurant, I love my scallops like she loves her foie gras. I’ve probably never eaten so much in any other place, but food here’s really good! And talking about desserts, I was totally blown away.

Probably the worst thing to do before a yoga class, but what the heck, you only live once! Because I’m such a dessert freak, I’d break all rules. Plus, this ain’t any dessert, this is GJELINA.

Don’t you just love it when every place you step foot into serves mouthwatering food? Ps, I eat everything with strawberry milkshake. Insane much! Told you I was here to gain some weight!

Think we might have overdid the drinks a lil’ whilst partying, the results of B52’s & Patron landed us at a Korean Karaoke place. I was a red lobster for once, oh my god. If my memory didn’t fail me, the Karaoke place was called Ding Dong Dong?

And Hodori has become my official favourite supper place! Finally a good break from pratas & chicken rice. Korean food at four in the morning puts a smile upon my face.

Le Petit Four with the lover. I absolutely adore the ambience here, & the desserts here are to die for. I actually had to have two desserts all on my own, teehee!

Yet another supper place that didn’t disappoint! At BCD Tofu House, where piping hot soup keeps me warm from the chilly weather! I opted for the non spicy Squid Soon Tofu, spicy was way tastier though!

Off to Heyri Coffee House afterwards, where it felt abit chilly we had to ask for blankets! Nevertheless, I’m still having the ice-cream waffle!

Did an illegal park just to take these pictures, talk about extreme! Despite having roamed the streets since morning, despite lugging our tired feet, this is one of my favourite pictures!

Galbi Soowon was so good I just had to do a second round! With my loveliest babes, this is what we call living life to the fullest & eating like there’s no tomorrow! Check out that astounding amount of meat!

Despite how our lives are somehow situated with danger, there’s probably no one else who could comprehend me like she does. Thirteen years now & counting, I heart my BFF!

Time to snap back & stop thinking about fabolous feasts! Life’s not all about chocolate truffles & I should get started on my apparel post! Till then, have a great weekend to all.

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  1. Dy says:

    Hey babe, i love ur grey fury top u wore in this post? r u selling? thanks:)

  2. min says:

    hello~ may i know where did you get the top (2nd pic of you)? Is that a jacket or top?

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