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too hard to decipher

My favourite place on earth with babyvell. Nothing beats a weekend escapade like this one & we’ve discovered the perfect way to conquer the massive jams.

Here we spent each day sourcing for glorious food & indulging in massages to nurse our poor feet from excessive partying.

The two must-have dishes each time I’m at ITC Mangga Dua. That place itself is like a maze, but good food worth’s finding!

Nothing spells home like Blowfish does! There’s a reason why we keep coming back.

The after effects of way too many jaggerbombs. Thank god for 24 hour dim sum places!

Barely recovering from the night before, out & about at nine in the morning! Each time we’re on holiday, we love being up when the sun beckons us to. Truth be told, I’m the devilish one who wakes the entire entourage at the sound of my growling stomach,teehee.

The hunger deprived before a full day’s shopping, and this was only lunch, mind you! My fascination with ox tail soup leaves babyvell speechless.


Once night falls, there comes the rise of ravenous appetites at Potato Head. Do not belittle me! Desserts here are exceptionally good, and knowing me, one’s never enough.

Dragonfly afterwards where B52s did their jobs and eventually got us dancing on the couches! Too much fun we forgot to capture the moments,teehee.

Breakfast at seven in the morning with no sleep, & probably one of the best I’ve had, straight from all that partying. Dearest jaggerbomb, sometimes I hate you so very much.

What’s a weekend with my loveliest if we didn’t complete it with Sour Sally? If you think we overdid the amount, you’ve probably haven’t tried the best yoghurt yet! Time to hit the sacks now,goodnight!

3 Responses to “too hard to decipher”

  1. Nakita says:

    How do you stay so fit, when you indulge in so much food?! please tell me your secret!

  2. Dy says:


    May i noe do u sell the grey studded dress u wore at this post? Its lovely:)

  3. Wendy says:

    babe, Do u sell the grey studded dress and the colourful flowery top?

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