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Dinner with the chocolate lover. I almost forgot how good catching up felt. Being swamped with work made me overlook so many things in life, no good at all!

Never spoken this much over dinner, the whole talk about ‘absence makes the heart grows fonder’ suddenly seemed extremely applicable. Plus, the fireworks display had me smitten. 

Getting buttered after what seemed like forever with my Sarahbaby. Her contagious laughter still sent chills up my spine, teehee. So glad we didn’t overdo the jaggerbombs this time though, we wouldn’t want to be wide awake at ten in the morning!

Then there was the Skinny Pizza too, told you my life revolves around food 24/7. Azzura afterwards with Sarahbaby again where chicken wings & fried weren’t enough to appease us. Music was good though & we’re super chill in casual wear.

Speaking of which, everyone couldn’t keep their eyes off my fingers all week, but hey I’m not complaining here! My nails could now match up to my personality, I never really fancied anything plain. Looks like you’ve figured out my newest obsession. Once you’ve started, there’s no stopping, you know that better!

The best part is, you could get your nails done at the comforts of your own home. If you’re a couch potato like I am, who refuses to budge, congratulations! We’ve found ourselves the ideal solution to attaining lovely nails without having to travel miles for.

Melissa from BelloUna is the woman behind this masterpiece! She’s such a joy to be with & is very open to options. Trust me, I attempted to change the designs four times in all. I know right, I’m not the easiest person to please, but she’s extremely patient, teehee! Decided on a more feminine look with the ribbons & crystals this time, but I would definitely go super dramatic the next time round.

Specially for my readers, instead of the usual $85.00 for acrylic glitter extensions, it’s going for $75.00! Hurray to that! Ps, showstopping nails can become everyone’s reality, book an appointment today with !

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