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Glam it up with Pink Parlour

Totally not regretting the decision to go shades lighter, & all I needed to complete the look was freshly tinted brows. I love you Pink Parlour, you always put an end to my woes. It was a quick fifteen minutes & I was ready to go, talk about high efficiency! Alas, I couldn’t resist a makeover for my nails too.


Well, of course, it’s time to breakaway from all things dainty and go full-on ferocious! Fret not, these take only thirty minutes to paste on & can last for about two weeks! Boy do I love the high shine without a tinge of polish! Now watch me rock these metallic nails! Oh Pink Parlour what am I to do without you?

Specially for my readers, these nails will be $60/set with FREE soak off ( U.P additional $48). They come in various animal prints! Book your appointment with Pink Parlour today!

7 Responses to “Glam it up with Pink Parlour”

  1. Joline says:

    Hey Agrivelt, I really your current song. Please let me know who is the singer. Thanks! 😀

  2. agri says:

    it’s Casker – ? ???? (??? ?? 5? ????)

  3. kad says:


    May i ask what camera are you currently using to take such clear and beautiful pictures? It seem to be a sony? Is it a dslr/ lens? Hope to hear from you soon ^^

  4. Shayne says:

    Hi Agri! You look fabulous with that cap! May I know where did you get it from? Thankyou so much!! 😀

  5. Euphemia says:

    Love the nails!!!

  6. agri says:

    it’s from christian audigier babe 🙂 thanks!

  7. agri says:

    it’s Sony DSX-HX1 🙂 nope it’s not dslr lens!

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