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i’m all things unthinkable

When there’s no end to shopping, where pigging out goes on till the wee hours of the morning! Hello Hong Kong, here we come!

The most impromptu trip ever had me getting tickets one day before departure, it was pure madness! The last minute decision to stay at Harbour Grand Hong Kong I definitely didn’t regret despite the high season rate.

Alas, a bed I could actually pass out on instantly. I bid you goodbye insomniac nights.

I wished Singapore had such cool weather even without rain. We could literally wrap ourselves in fur coars & strut down the sidewalk in skyhigh boots without a trickle of sweat. Decided to take the Star Ferry to cross to the other side, total tourist moment! Oh well, we’re not to blame, we’re on a holiday!

Gonna miss waking up proper & actually having lunch at decent timings. Plus, desserts here are so good we need more than just one serving! And the best part being, every food place you step foot into serves mouthwatering dishes, how rare!

Took the ferry back to the other side, boy were we blown away by the breathtaking sight! It looked even better in the night than in the day! No more taking the MTR’s, we’d rather view lovely scenery anytime & be intoxicated.

There’s also the dinner at Xi Yan! Despite the place being highly inaccessible, I like it’s exclusivity. I love how all the dishes were executed with precision. Thank you Ben!

Next up, Apple & I decided to have our very own photobooth moment. Don’t say I didn’t warn you beforehand, it’s gonna be a massive picture post! But first, I must keep myself full with my favourite streetfood, yummy!

Korean food afterwards to replenish all energy lost from all that running about, teehee! Just when our tummies grumbled, talk about perfect timing. Yay!

Stayed at The Mira over at Kowloon too, I just had to check out how it looked newly renovated! Gotta love all things in shades of grey, way more mellow.

That’s when reality hit me & I’m back in Singapore. I miss all that streetfood & unlimited shopping already! I think I might just do a round two in January, teehee!


So dead beat right now, it’s time to snooze. Have a great week ahead to all!

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  1. rache says:

    Hey Agri! Can u tell me what brand your friend’s sunglasses are? thanks!

  2. Alicia says:

    I just got back from hong kong and missing it already. The weather was crazy when I was there and dipped to 8 degrees celsius and we had to be totally covered up. Weather must still be bearable as you were clad in shorts.

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