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Pasta de Waraku presents Hanito

Shibuya Original Honey Toast – HANITO makes it way to our sunny shores. Together with Apple, we had a taste of the sweetest indulgence from Pasta de Waraku over at The Heeren. Hanito is a honey toast dessert consisting of buttered toast cubes, honey, ice cream & fruits. Sounds good already?

I probably have the worst eating habits, I’m not one who eats to live. I live to eat. Here’s the Earthquake Hanito which is guaranteed to send shockwaves of yumminess!

When it comes to desserts, I’m not easily pleased. An extreme glutton would not settle for just one, teehee! We also had the Choco Banana Hanito which I absolutely loved.

There’s also the Macha Red Bean Hanito & the Peanut Butter Hanito, told you I am a true blue glutton! The sweetness from the ice cream & drizzled honey blended perfectly together to make extremely addictive treats!

Pasta de Waraku is located at The Heeren #05-03. Head on down to try it if you haven’t!

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