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Can’t shake me down

Checked out Soul for a bit, and really, it made me remember the days I used to obsess over progressive trance/house. I’d listen to it first thing in the morning, all through the day while running errands, & even before I hit slumberland.

Thank you for inviting us Esther, we had a blast! Because we’re such fanatics of great music, there’d be more visits to come without a doubt!

Filter afterwards. It’s definitely┬ábecoming a weekly necessity!

Six jaggerbombs later & our anthem ‘Barbra Streisand’ comes on! A pity I’m missing my two lovely friends who’d go insane if they hear that, teehee!

Boy am I glad that Ian’s back from Aussie after what seemed like forever! We share the same taste in music & he’s my best jaggerbomb buddy!

Plus, it’s been some time since I ran into my secondary schoolmates, what a pleasant surprise! Needless to say, that calls for even more jaggerbombs. Now that I’ve sobered up, I don’t really want to recall how many we’ve had exactly,oh shucks!

I’m not gonna say a chill weekend awaits me, because that probably wouldn’t happen in a milion years. Time to rest up & detox before this vicious cycle strikes all over again!

4 Responses to “Can’t shake me down”

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Agri,

    I am in love with your background musique cover of Norah’s Don’t know Why.
    Can I know who sings this cover?

  2. agri says:

    Hi Rachel this cover’s by Winterplay ­čÖé

  3. Lynnie says:

    Hi Agri,

    The cardigan that u’re wearing is ever sold in ur site if my memory never fails me.Any backorders?As im in love wif it!!!


  4. meixian says:

    hi! sorry that i post again as im not sure have my comment been posted earlier. was asking the camera you are using and whether you changed any effect or lens to obtain this quality. thanks a lot!! =))

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