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Great Deals with Outlet

I’m pretty much on the move 24/7. If you could succeed in confining me to a work chair, that’s probably about time the world crumbled. Not possible at all. Despite how hectic my schedule might be, I’d make time for those who matter a great deal to me.

Arifin’s based in Jakarta & each time he does an impromptu trip here, I have the same recurring problem on where to take him! No doubt, there’s a variety of places to eat, party & rejuvenate here, but then you’re pretty much doomed whenever your mind decides to shut off. Major yikes!

Next time he’s here, I’d be sure to take him to this authentic North Indian Cuisine, also one of his favourites! You know I don’t like to reveal too much on one post, but trust me, suspense is always good! Here’s a slight preview! I’m already salivating at the sight of this. And guess what? The damage won’t go further than $15.00!

It’s no secret by now that I love exploring new places, eat like there’s no tomorrow & indulge in the occasional luxurious treatments. You’d probably be thinking despite how great that sounds, the part where your pocket suffers is a huge no. Toss those thoughts aside, with Outlet, you can live the extravagant life with minimal impact on your purse!


Outlet features a daily deal on fantastic days out, gorgeous places to see, top fine eateries & hot products to buy in our city. Sounds good already? Let’s give Outlet the thumbs up for the fact that there’s no hidden terms & conditions. What you see is what you get!

They say excessive partying would take a toll on your skin. That I beg to differ, trick is to drink in moderate, & in my case, detox detox detox! Plus, the secret to glowing skin despite all that late nights could be as low as $99.

Banish dullness with a diamond skin brightener, something which I swear by! Yes you heard me right, diamonds! The price of beauty’s not a hefty one after all, & I’m talking about one of the best dermatologist in town! Now that, I’d reveal in a later post.

If you think that’s all, you’re so wrong! Tender loving care comes in the form of therapeutic massages to soothe the aching body too, & Outlet knows that. Stay tuned for this incredible deal & there’d be more to come! With Outlet, we’d never run out of things to do! Let’s all embrace the luxurious life!

Ps, Outlet has a referral progamme. Refer a friend & if he buys a deal, youll get $6.00 off your next purchase!

Outlet’s launched today & I’m super thrilled! Now, let’s all LIKE Outlet on Facebook and be its fan. Don’t forget to subscribe to its mailing list for the latest hottest deals in town.

If you are the almighty BB user, add Outlet’s BB Pin 314BF062.

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