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Indulge with Swirl Art

If you’ve been following me long enough, you’d know that frozen yoghurt’s pretty much a neccessity in my life alongside with meat. Ane because all good things are meant to be shared & I’m not the selfish sort, say hello to my current craze – Swirl Art !

Swirl Art’s premium frozen yoghurt comes in ten delectable flavours, my highly favourites include Caramel & Original Tart! Fret not, the frozen yoghurt’s freshly made daily to ensure its quality & ingredients are imported from the States.

Swirl Art also takes it up a notch with top-of-the-line Taylor brand machines direct from the US for the perfect balance of creaminess & iciness of their yoghurt.

What really drew me to Swirl Art’s its self serve concept at 30 cents/10 gram. I’m the sort who gets a kick out of my own masterpiece, simply because because when I do it on my own, the sense of satisfaction is greater! Plus, it’s always more fun to be involved, point proven. Unleash your creativity & eat your art out!

All you mochi fans are probably grinning from ear to ear now, yours truly included! Specially imported from Korea & extremely chewy, I piled it shamelessly over my original tart selection, teehee! Gluttony behaviour strikes yet again!

Oh yes, please do follow Swirl Art on Facebook & Twitter ! That’s not all, Swirl Art loves to connect with its fans wherever whenever. Blackberry users :22A02FBF & Iphone users :94282520. You’d have exclusive privilege over others to special promotions!

Here’s the best part! Hunger pangs hit you in the middle of the night & you’re craving frozen yoghurt so bad? Swirl Art’s River Valley outlet further down Spize is open till 3am on Fridays & Saturdays! Ps, head on down to Swirl Art’s newly opened outlet over at 1 Liang Seah Street where there’s a 15% off!

3 Responses to “Indulge with Swirl Art”

  1. CK says:

    cool post. may i know what version of “dont know why” this is? 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    you changed your song! i love the korean song you used to play, may i know the song name?? That song fit your site perfectly. Pretty as always!

  3. agri says:

    this version’s by Winterplay 🙂

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