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let’s take over control

Okay so, maybe I got a little bored with overly light hair, and decided to go slightly darker. I’m so glad I have a fabolous hairstylist to count on. He wasted no time in restoring the vitality my hair deserved, thank you John Tham!

Caring for your hair’s a necessity when you’re doing colouring on a monthly basis. I’m a huge fan of the Cataplasme Ginseng treatment for the intense shine it gives to colour-treated hair. Plus, it makes my hair feels light & supple.


Salon Vim’s located at Somerset 313 #04-07/08/09. Don’t forget to quote ‘Agri Velt’ to get 10% off all hair services. I think you should know by now who I highly recommend!

Next up, over at Filter where it felt almost like home. Familiar faces aplenty, & for the first time in history, no jaggerbombs appeared before my eyes! Hurray!

Haven’t seen Crystal in such a long time, boy was it good to catch up! She’s one of the few who looks extremely beautiful with those bangs, I know without a doubt I’d be a tragedy in that.

Next time, we shall not overdo the champagnes. That’s what we always assure ourselves, but damn, we’re never gonna be able to keep our own promises, can we?

Barbra Streisand has become our official anthem, & now we’re crazy obsessed with its many remixes. Before I get all loony here & start rambling nonsensical stuff, I’m gonna go run some errands!

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