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bounce to the beat

A place that feels like home that provides a level of entertainment that’s second-to-none. Butter’s the place to be at, especially if you’re itching to party on a Wednesday. Make the right move & put your best face forward!

Self-destruction begins at the strike of twelve. A round of jaggerbombs sounds like the perfect idea at first, then a while later we’re jumping on couches with incredibly happy faces!

I’m at my happiest state when Tiffany’s back in Singapore, this is one person I shall heart till I die. Our love for hunting is unexplainable & the only thing that sets us apart is our hair colour!

Anyhow, we’re not shy to break all rules because that’s how we like to get things done! If you’re wondering if we ever recall happenings of the night before, we’d rather not! Then again, pictures wouldn’t lie & our memories are instantly refreshed.

Truth is, you can always count on Butter Factory for a mind-blowing night. Hit me up for guestlists!

Alas, my night will be not be complete if supper’s not involved. I’m that much of a foodie, I even think of it in my sleep.

Off to grab some breakfast right now, have a great day to all!

4 Responses to “bounce to the beat”

  1. meixian says:

    hello hello! sorry to postagain!! As im really keen to buy a camera like urs!! =)) wat camera are u using? did use other kind of lens or it is the original lens of the camera? is there a need to adjust to any effect to get this great quality of picture? thankss agri!!

    ps: i realise ive to post twice then only my comment will be lock in.hahahaha.

  2. Huixin says:

    Hi Agri! Sorry for being so random, but a Singaporean who can’t speak Bahasa Indonesia for nuts..and I wish to visit Jakarta..I’ve heard of many stories of how dangerous Jakarta is (eg robbery/theft in broad daylight on the streets etc), and they are deterring me from visiting Indonesia or Jakarta.. Do you personally have any tips to share for girls who wants to visit Jakarta? Like maybe what caution to take note of? And what places can we go to shop, dine or have any other activities? Thanks alot Agri!

  3. agri says:

    hey babee, i’m using Sony DSC HX1 🙂 i used the original lens & there’s many modes you can play around with 🙂

  4. agri says:

    hey babee, drop me an email at 🙂 i’d fill you in on more tips there!

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