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Simplicity with Shopless

Anything out of the ordinary never fails to intrigue me & I’m not even referring to apparels right here. Who knew shopping for lifestyle products could be highly satisfying & addictive? Here’s some of my top picks from Shopless !

I couldn’t resist the ILLUSION GLASS . This isn’t like any typical glass, you can see why! With its dual function properties, you could easily use it to down shots when you have friends over or choose to drink the normal way. Plus, this glass is heat resistant! No problem at all if you intend to consume boiling hot tea!

There’s also the DOORGANIZER . I could be so absent-minded at times I leave the important stuff behind. With this form of reminder, there’d be no excuse to leave the necessities at home! I’ve already hung mine over the door knob. It’s the perfect checklist each day before I head out.

I also fancy the MODERN GLASS WATER BOTTLE . Its simple & sleek design appeals to me, plus I like the fact that it’s very portable. It comes with a silicone jacket that provides a soft grip & gives protection to the flask bottle.

I also got the MUG ZERO . This is perfect for you if you’re a clean freak like I am. With this, we won’t be fretting much about dust particles entering the mug during storage! Shopless really does have the coolest items & definitely quirky enough for my liking!

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Adding on to my favourites, this is extremely effective in organizing my messy work desk! Say hello to IN-BETWEEN ! The amount of markers I have is insane, & instead of keeping them in grotesque boxes, I’d rather display them like a work of art!

Okay now, more on Shopless ! It focuses on affordable contemporary home & lifestyle products. Rest assured on quality, for the founders of Shopless pay high attention to that. The brands that Shopless carry are well-known brands outside of Singapore & the price you pay is definitely worth the quality!

Specially for my readers, there’d be a 10% off storewide & free shipping for orders above $100. Hurray!

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  1. Anne says:

    Hi Agri 🙂 Do you own all the shoes in the photos?

  2. agri says:

    hey babe yes i do 🙂

  3. Kody says:

    Hi babe, may i know wher you bought your studs dress? = )

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