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faster better stronger

A fun night ensures when you least expect it! The last minute decision to breakaway from a chill night & checked out Soul on a Thursday night. So much for entering domestication mode! Lesson learnt : Never say never.

It’s been a long time since I stepped into anywhere else aside from Butter & Filter over the weekends, then again, I had no idea Thursdays at Soul were THIS good. Okay, so this was only round one of Jaggerbombs & our supposed last. Witness our hyperactive behaviours as the night progressed!

Then as the night unfolds, you know how it clearly goes beyond round one. I fear myself sometimes. Now that I’m all refreshed, I really don’t wanna recall how many rounds we’ve had exactly!

Alright, maybe we overdid things a lil’, but hey we’re having the time of our lives & that’s what mattered most at that moment! It’s no wonder we needed three days to expel all that alcohol out of our system. Yes I do take detoxing very seriously.

Wasn’t kidding about the hyperactive part earlier, everything’s clearly visible from these pictures. Hello Jaggerbombs, I’m under your spell & you make me ridiculously happy.

Seems like this won’t be our last visit, we had a rocking Thursday night. Thank you Soul!

Soul is located at 331 North Bridge Road, Odeon Towers #02-01.

Do hit Esther up at 90488863 for RSVP/Guestlists.

feed your skin with Angelface

The mass destruction.Too much Belvedere’s coming my way all night long. Partying’s a vicious cycle, it leaves little time for ample sleep, let’s not even talk about having a proper skincare regime. I ought to be shot already for taking things so lightly at times.


Exhausted to the max, I was about to embark on a treatment that dedicates an ultimate nourishment to the skin. It’s about time I gave that skin some tender loving care. Lacklustre skin is a big nono, & I shall not sit by & whine.


So here I was in an undeniably groggy state, not willing to bare my naked eyes to the glaring sun. Okay, truth is, the puffiness coupled with unsightly bags make the worst combination ever.

Angelface comes to the rescue with its brand new treatment – Oxygenating Skin Therapy. So I’ve heard, even Hollywood celebs swear by it & make this a necessity before any major events!

Look forward to a relaxing & pampering massage, this has got to be my favourite part. It took me by surprise when my hands & feet were given equal attention. Ps, Joanne’s really good!

Afterwards, an oxygen serum is being applied on the face followed by the penetration of oxygen deep into the skin for some major rejuvenation. Lastly, a multivitamin power recovery mask together with an eye relaxing thermal mask are done to round off the luxurious experience.

It was such an invigorating experience I’d definitely do it a second & third time. I love how it banishes all signs of exhaustion, revives my skin & reveals softer, radiant & firmer skin in 90 minutes flat. I’m truly amazed by the results, but of course, maintenance is key & this is worth every penny.

Seeing is believing. Feel like a princess with this pampering experience! I highly recommend this because oxygen is the medium & active ingredient of this treatment which is responsible for cell regeneration & a healthy skin appearance.

Boost up your skin this season! Specially for my readers, you get to experience an ‘Oxygenating Skin Therapy’ treatment @ $98.00 (U.P $288.00).

Call 6221 3723 (Tanjong Pagar Branch) / 6334 6228 (The Adelphi Branch) & quote ‘Agri Velt’ to attain this awesome deal! I wouldn’t think too long in making an appointment.

Ps, this offer is only valid for 1st trial & will end April 29th.

A Kev!nou Workshop

Having shot multiple magazine covers & advertised campaigns across the globe, LA-based celebrity portrait photographer, Kevin Ou’s back in town! His retouching skills are top notch & I’m not about to miss out on his one day workshop happening March 19th.

These are but a few of his works, my favourite in particular’s the Elijah Wood shot. Pretty damn impressive ain’t it. His online portfolio can be assessed here.

I know this is kinda last minute, but then again, good things don’t require much pondering anyway! Ps, I heard that the slots are running out quick! I’ve already secured a slot for myself, I’d be an idiot if I let an opportunity like this slip by.

Don’t forget to visit to sign up!

Face of Salon Vim 2011

Salon Vim’s one of the best that I’ve worked with, & it can happen to you too. I’ve had an awesome year rocking all the different colours & there’d be more to come!

How would you like six months of full hair services sponsored by Salon Vim by Chez Vous? Now’s the best time to put your best face forward & do it quick!

What are you waiting for?

It’s as simple as uploading your photo here.

playing it cool

 Here’s something to kickstart the weekend, before I start overdoing the partying all over again. It’s hard to stay domesticated for long, especially when my dearest Tiffany’s about to back in town. Kudos to never waking up groggy though! Alright now, I’m in a serious need to snooze, happy shopping to all!

$39.00 (top)

let’s ease the pressure.



and she lives it up.


through the grapevine.


like a sunday afternoon.


love on my mind.


once in my heart.

$39.00 (top)


because i’m pretty reckless.

$45.00 (top)

a pledge of adoration.

$39.00 (shorts)

 if i see you tomorrow.


let’s get it on.


the unrepeated beauty.



lock your affection.


 this season of romance.

$79.00 (jacket)


you’re worth the wait.



evacuate the dancefloor.

$69.00 (cardigan)


 the sleek style sophisticate.



the electric youth.

$55.00 (dress)

 in a rare display.

$69.00 (jacket)

an affair to remember.



the luscious perfection.

$79.00 (jacket)


time to pucker up.

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