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A fun night ensures when you least expect it! The last minute decision to breakaway from a chill night & checked out Soul on a Thursday night. So much for entering domestication mode! Lesson learnt : Never say never.

It’s been a long time since I stepped into anywhere else aside from Butter & Filter over the weekends, then again, I had no idea Thursdays at Soul were THIS good. Okay, so this was only round one of Jaggerbombs & our supposed last. Witness our hyperactive behaviours as the night progressed!

Then as the night unfolds, you know how it clearly goes beyond round one. I fear myself sometimes. Now that I’m all refreshed, I really don’t wanna recall how many rounds we’ve had exactly!

Alright, maybe we overdid things a lil’, but hey we’re having the time of our lives & that’s what mattered most at that moment! It’s no wonder we needed three days to expel all that alcohol out of our system. Yes I do take detoxing very seriously.

Wasn’t kidding about the hyperactive part earlier, everything’s clearly visible from these pictures. Hello Jaggerbombs, I’m under your spell & you make me ridiculously happy.

Seems like this won’t be our last visit, we had a rocking Thursday night. Thank you Soul!

Soul is located at 331 North Bridge Road, Odeon Towers #02-01.

Do hit Esther up at 90488863 for RSVP/Guestlists.

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