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Bellouna at its Best

Dressing up can be a head-to-toe affair if you allow it to. Haven’t you realized how we satisfy ourselves with beautiful dresses, or how we bother to grab the swankiest heels for our feet?

Even if we do decide to remain laidback on certain days, we cannot resist putting on a bracelet or two, a necklace or even a fancy ring. With that said, even my nails have become a part of my daily fashion fix. Pretty obvious how I’ve grown accustomed to that & I love it to the max. I now live & breathe in these nails.

Aren’t they oh so refined now! To think I used to be once contented with ridiculously short nails, how times have changed! Had them done with Melissa from BelloUna for the second time & I’ve never been more pleased with the finishing! That’s why they say nobody does better than the professionals. True enough!

Just in case you’ve forgotten how I decided to do my nails the first time round, here’s how they looked! Imagine getting your nails done at the comfort of your own home.┬áNo travelling required! House-call manicure services, I say hell yeah! Set an appointment time at your convenience with BelloUna @ 90865129 .

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