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keep your gaze controlled

When the queue at the Korean restaurant was never-ending, we ate elsewhere for starters. Talk about being extreme. I love how my friends are always up for anything, just like me. And you’d probably think we would never end up feasting on Korean BBQ afterwards, don’t be fooled!

You should see how my friends stared at me in disbelief when I insisted I did the cooking instead of the kitchen! Pretty proud of how all the meat didn’t end up too well done, I deserve a pat on the back for a first-timer.

Korean BBQ round two with Sarah all in the same week. There’s just some things you can’t get enough of!

That woman was so worried we couldn’t finish all the food we ordered but clearly that’s not a problem! I’m better known as the ‘excessive meat eater’ who shuns at the sight of veggies.


The famished duos are now extremely stuffed. For the first time ever, there’s no room for desserts, big bummer!

Rushing out a mini clothing post, keeping fingers crossed it’d be up by tonight. I really ought to expel all that Belvedere in my system & start being productive!

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  1. reader says:

    is that sara ann k from razortv? man i thought she’s a blond, seeing her at zouk last month. which korean restaurant is that?

  2. Florence says:

    hey i LOVE your top on your last picture:) can you please tell me where did you get it from?

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