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Nails Revamp with JNail

With all the handshakes we have learnt to perfect through encounters with new faces, I can’t help but think it’s time to give my nails another revamp. Better work some magic quick before someone actually tells me how hideous my nails are, yikes!

Thank goodness for JNail, you know I love you so. Check out her wall of fame, boy was I impressed!

So we decided on a design that best described my personality. I’m really quite hard to figure, but we can definitely agree that I’m all things bold. Truth is, I like how being bold makes me feel empowered. Wow I sound like a feminist right now, teehee!

Say hello to my newly enhanced nails! Usually I prefer designs towards the dainty side, but today I was in the mood for something different.The mixture of red & silver in high shine was unexpected, but I’m definitely loving it! Kudos to JNail for such an amazing job!

Specially for my readers, JNail is having an opening promotion! Don’t miss out on this fabulous offer!

let’s dine with Cuba Libre

I have the weirdest cravings at times & lucky for me, I have equally spontaneous girlfriends who are totally fine with me dropping the bomb on them at the eleventh hour.

So here we are at Cuba Libre. In the midst of that, we couldn’t resist a lil’ Bloody Mary & ended up prancing about to lusty Latino tunes!

When we finally got settled down, I wanted to order everything on the menu. I have a voracious appetite despite my tiny frame. Food keeps me ecstatic all day long!

Here’s some of the starters that we had, my favourite being the Baked Green Mussels with Tomato & Cheese. But of course, the other dishes were equally drool worthy, just that I’ve a soft spot for mussels despite being highly allergic to it. That’s how food crazed I am.

The range of tapitas (fingerfood) they offer at Cuba Libre is amazing! My dear friend loved the prawns so much we had to order three platters in all because she refused to share. Say hello to the glutton right there!

All that main course to fill our stomachs, boy were we more than satisfied! First time ever we skipped desserts altogether, but we’d be back for that next time round.

Ps, the Braised Oxtail & the Braised Lamb Shank here’s so scrumptious they’re worth every penny.

Cuba Libre is located at Clarke Quay Block B #01-13.

side by side

Here I was at the ultimate backstage experience over at Raffles City Shopping Centre. It’s a completely fresh take on the typical fashion show as it stripped away the glamour to reveal what went on behind-the-scenes.

It was interesting how we were in this see-through glass box & everyone could take a peek of the excitement from the inside out. Kudos to acclaimed fashion/creative director, Daniel Boey for the visionary behind the unique concept of the show!

Had a great time catching up with my favourite girl from Jakarta who flew over for the weekend, she’s a true blue shopaholic just like me! Our shopping bags are already piling up!

All evening I feasted my eyes on racks after racks while stylists, make-up artists & fashion assistants prep & prime the pretty faces at the launch show. It was a truly exhilarating reality experience!

Feeling a tad more vibrant these days, not so crazed with the monotones as much. Think it’s pretty clear with my outfit choices. On a side note, I met Carrie & Stanley, uber friendly people on set.

Plenty of eye candies & it’s almost impossible to go easy on the drool, yikes! If this was a buffet spread, we’d all be having a food fight by now. Trust me, it’s hard not to get distracted.

Headed to Drink Culture right after for some delectable cocktails. If you haven’t already heard about Drink Culture, it’s a very nice chillout place that serves undeniably good cocktails. Friends I’ve taken here are now hooked this place, true story.

And so, today I decided to enter the kitchen & whip up a lil’ something. Thank you Leonard & Leslit for giving me this much trust, teehee! I love my pizza with loads of meat & cheese, haven’t you already known I’m a carnivore?

Here’s my masterpiece & I’m super proud of it. I’m not gonna say it’s delicious just because I made it, but everyone who’s had a piece of it agreed it was tasty! Next time I’m gonna attempt the smoked duck pizza.

Of course, since I’m here, I’d never forget to indulge in one of their signature cocktails. I’m currently obsessed with their fruity range, the Kiwi & Passionfruit in particular.

Drink Culture is located at 51 Kreta Ayer Road.

Ended the night with some Butter-loving with my beautiful babe Nirara. Till next week where part two of self destruction begins, but for now nothing matters more than a good sleep.

all these habits

My apologies for the outrageous lack of updates, if you haven’t already known, I was away for a month long & internet connection over there was pretty much non-existent.

There was the dinner at Ippudo Tao, one of my favourite hangouts when I’m craving late night ramen. Food here’s superb & I have this tendency to munch on Jap delicacies with some umeshu.

Craved some green tea latte afterwards. Oh my goodness after all that food earlier, I still have room for this! Nevertheless, thank god for Starbucks that operates 24 hours or I’d be having dizzy spells.

There’s also the Adidas Sport Style Day which was without a doubt a chic mix of media. Backstage was always a state of frenzy but for good purposes, teehee!





Award winning DJ Koflow together with Singapore’s pioneer of beatboxing, Dharni took the stage with a performance that had the crowd screaming for more. I had a great time catching up with old pals as we watched the show over cocktails & sweet treats. It was truly a magnificent night!

Picture my shock when my dearest friend forwarded me this video, I didn’t think it’d eventually be uploaded! I looked like I had an overdose of caffeine & ended up giggling uncontrollably, yikies! Alright now, goodnight world, I need my sleep.

Salon Vim rocks my world

Salon Vim’s been a part of my life for more than a year now, and that is certainly one thing I’m so thankful for. Pardon the following narcissistic shots, I owe it all to my favourite hair stylist – John Tham. Fabolous hair can be an everyday affair, with the right products, maintainence is made easy breezy. Thank you L’oreal!

With my favourite girlie Rachelle L, she’s a truly dark-haired beauty plus we’re equally obsessed with preserved duck leg. We’re probably the only weird ones who like it icy cold. Now, that’s one thing we definitely cannot share, teehee!

Oh John Tham, you make our manes so tame & silky smooth! Told you a fabulous hair day deserves a major camwhoring session. Was definitely not joking when I said that!

Ps, Salon Vim’s having a road show at 313 Somerset Level 1 from today till the 5th June! Do show some love by heading down & prepare to be entertained by the exciting shows!

Salon Vim’s also having The Great Singapore Sale Specials, hurry along to get these good deals, only available for purchase at the roadshow. Don’t miss out!

Here I emerged with newly touched-up roots & needless to say, extremely elated! Who doesn’t love Salon Vim? Even Hazel was there to give her hair a boost!

Alright now, I’m not about to be late to make it down for the Salon Vim roadshow! Word has it that my favourite hairstylist John Tham’s gonna be doing a live haircut & I will NOT give that a miss.

What The Flea?

There’s the saying that one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. Why do you think most of us cannot get enough of flea markets,yours truly included! It’s a blast browsing through booths of all sorts, not knowing what loot you might find. I’ve nabbed a few pieces that I heart to the max previously, now it’s my turn to get rid of all that clutter in my ever expanding wardrobe.

Sourcing for a flea market with soul, designed to perk your tired eyes & ease your purse strings? What The Flea’s all of that!

Register at to secure a space at the flea! Booths are only going at $55 per day, that’s an uber good deal! If not, do show some love at my booth, I’d make sure to bring out all my goodies for your ultimate shopping experience!