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all these habits

My apologies for the outrageous lack of updates, if you haven’t already known, I was away for a month long & internet connection over there was pretty much non-existent.

There was the dinner at Ippudo Tao, one of my favourite hangouts when I’m craving late night ramen. Food here’s superb & I have this tendency to munch on Jap delicacies with some umeshu.

Craved some green tea latte afterwards. Oh my goodness after all that food earlier, I still have room for this! Nevertheless, thank god for Starbucks that operates 24 hours or I’d be having dizzy spells.

There’s also the Adidas Sport Style Day which was without a doubt a chic mix of media. Backstage was always a state of frenzy but for good purposes, teehee!





Award winning DJ Koflow together with Singapore’s pioneer of beatboxing, Dharni took the stage with a performance that had the crowd screaming for more. I had a great time catching up with old pals as we watched the show over cocktails & sweet treats. It was truly a magnificent night!

Picture my shock when my dearest friend forwarded me this video, I didn’t think it’d eventually be uploaded! I looked like I had an overdose of caffeine & ended up giggling uncontrollably, yikies! Alright now, goodnight world, I need my sleep.

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  1. X.Wen says:

    Those foods look very tasty … very attractive by just looking at it … like those foods which attractive that will make me happy when eating it ^^

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