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let’s dine with Cuba Libre

I have the weirdest cravings at times & lucky for me, I have equally spontaneous girlfriends who are totally fine with me dropping the bomb on them at the eleventh hour.

So here we are at Cuba Libre. In the midst of that, we couldn’t resist a lil’ Bloody Mary & ended up prancing about to lusty Latino tunes!

When we finally got settled down, I wanted to order everything on the menu. I have a voracious appetite despite my tiny frame. Food keeps me ecstatic all day long!

Here’s some of the starters that we had, my favourite being the Baked Green Mussels with Tomato & Cheese. But of course, the other dishes were equally drool worthy, just that I’ve a soft spot for mussels despite being highly allergic to it. That’s how food crazed I am.

The range of tapitas (fingerfood) they offer at Cuba Libre is amazing! My dear friend loved the prawns so much we had to order three platters in all because she refused to share. Say hello to the glutton right there!

All that main course to fill our stomachs, boy were we more than satisfied! First time ever we skipped desserts altogether, but we’d be back for that next time round.

Ps, the Braised Oxtail & the Braised Lamb Shank here’s so scrumptious they’re worth every penny.

Cuba Libre is located at Clarke Quay Block B #01-13.

2 Responses to “let’s dine with Cuba Libre”

  1. melissa says:

    I’m Cuban so I was excited to see that perhaps there was an “authentic” Cuban restaurant in Spore. However, after seeing your pix, I realized there’s nothing Cuban about it. You had good Spanish food, it seems, but not Cuban food, that’s for sure. Hard to find authentic Cuban food in Spore. 🙁

  2. Melly says:

    Gorgeous pics Agri! May i ask what camera was used? I find it so difficult to take pics in low-light settings 🙁

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