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Salon Vim rocks my world

Salon Vim’s been a part of my life for more than a year now, and that is certainly one thing I’m so thankful for. Pardon the following narcissistic shots, I owe it all to my favourite hair stylist – John Tham. Fabolous hair can be an everyday affair, with the right products, maintainence is made easy breezy. Thank you L’oreal!

With my favourite girlie Rachelle L, she’s a truly dark-haired beauty plus we’re equally obsessed with preserved duck leg. We’re probably the only weird ones who like it icy cold. Now, that’s one thing we definitely cannot share, teehee!

Oh John Tham, you make our manes so tame & silky smooth! Told you a fabulous hair day deserves a major camwhoring session. Was definitely not joking when I said that!

Ps, Salon Vim’s having a road show at 313 Somerset Level 1 from today till the 5th June! Do show some love by heading down & prepare to be entertained by the exciting shows!

Salon Vim’s also having The Great Singapore Sale Specials, hurry along to get these good deals, only available for purchase at the roadshow. Don’t miss out!

Here I emerged with newly touched-up roots & needless to say, extremely elated! Who doesn’t love Salon Vim? Even Hazel was there to give her hair a boost!

Alright now, I’m not about to be late to make it down for the Salon Vim roadshow! Word has it that my favourite hairstylist John Tham’s gonna be doing a live haircut & I will NOT give that a miss.

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  1. Shang says:

    Hi babe,

    Love the poka dot top that you wear and the coco colour frills top, may I know
    Wer you got it from? Is it from your line?

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