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What The Flea?

There’s the saying that one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. Why do you think most of us cannot get enough of flea markets,yours truly included! It’s a blast browsing through booths of all sorts, not knowing what loot you might find. I’ve nabbed a few pieces that I heart to the max previously, now it’s my turn to get rid of all that clutter in my ever expanding wardrobe.

Sourcing for a flea market with soul, designed to perk your tired eyes & ease your purse strings? What The Flea’s all of that!

Register at to secure a space at the flea! Booths are only going at $55 per day, that’s an uber good deal! If not, do show some love at my booth, I’d make sure to bring out all my goodies for your ultimate shopping experience!

2 Responses to “What The Flea?”

  1. Fion says:

    You did not turn up at the flea on the 4th June. I wanted to support your booth but u did not turn up! Will u be there on the 25th June?

  2. agri says:

    yes babee i’d be there on 25th june 🙂

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