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Fisherman’s Market Reels Into Town

Each weekend calls for a good meal & my start of a crazy night usually involves eating excessively, preferably buffet style please! Hello Fisherman’s Market , let’s see how you tickle my tastebuds!


Freshly prepared sushi, oysters, sashimi, local delights. You name it, they have it! Seafood lovers, don’t be shy, this is one place where you can truly go overboard!

The sumptuous array of over ninety food dishes could make one salivate uncontrollably. Imagine my excitement as I kept myself preoccupied with platters after platters!

I know I really shouldn’t be consuming stuff I’m allergic to, but since food is my number one priority, I’d deal with the consequences afterwards. Spoken like a true foodie.

First time ever I’m peeling my own prawns & they taste way more succulent that way! Never imagined I’d actually do that ever, even my friends were dumbfounded.

A delectable assortment of desserts completes my ultimate buffet experience, unfortunately I got too caught up in stuffing my face full I forgot to snap pictures of the mini cakes!


Here’s the best part! Fisherman’s Market offers 10% off your total bill from now till 31st July as part of its opening celebration special!


Fisherman’s Market is located at The Central #01-15 & #02-17. Eat to your heart’s content!

3 Responses to “Fisherman’s Market Reels Into Town”

  1. Mabs says:

    Your style is effortlessly chic!
    Where do you get your clothes? Do you have a favourite blogshop to recommend?

  2. Moonberry says:

    Oh wow, I want to try out this place… once I figure out where The Central is. I’ll go just for the raw bar along. Your heels look fab!!! I can never wear heels that high without stumbling. :p And you hung out with Jenny~ ^^

    The Moonberry Blog

  3. anon says:

    where did u get ur heels from? and where do you get most of your heels from?

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