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The Hair Repertory Theatre

Sometimes I get bored way too quickly, hence the revamp mission over at Salon Vim. Snip them off hair, time to bid those split ends goodbye too! Hello bangs, you’re stuck with me for awhile! 

Enough with the colouring already? I say not! We decided on something bolder this time round & boy did I enjoy being a lioness. Thank you John Tham, you sure know how to please me! Okay, we actually did this in preparation of :

The Hair Repertory Theatre By Salon Vim.





Surprisingly on time for the morning rehearsal despite feeling groggy. How proud of myself! Never mind if I was literally a walking zombie, pizza kept me sane afterwards!




The Cruise Colour Collection.



Pardon the insane amount of images in this post. I absolutely love how my hair falls into place so perfectly, teehee! Oh my goodness, what I am to do without Salon Vim!



What’s a night without our weekend neccesity?

Ain’t it funny how when you’re so bent on having an early night, it really never happens! I assure you it’s the champagne’s doing!

Even our dearest friend Daniel was doing the shuffle despite being awake for 24 hours! Pretty extreme but all in good fun!

With barely any sleep from the night before, I was out & about again. I hate spending Sundays in bed.


Plus, how could I say not to a sweetiepie like Ziling! Even if it meant we’re gonna indulge in a crazy camwhoring session, I don’t mind!

There’s never an awkward moment with her around, plus I’m really loving her in jet black hair. Alluring at its maximum.

Alright now, it’s time to hide under the covers before the scorching sun rises! Goodnight all!

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  1. Fion says:

    Agri, when’s your update on new collection clothes?

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