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because Salon Vim cares

The past week summarised. There was the dinner at Garibaldi’s where I stuff myself full with possibly the juiciest scallops.

There was also Drink Culture with Hazel. The cocktails here are to die for & my personal favourite’s the Coconut. If you’re a rum lover, you’d be hooked to this!

Alas, I’m a lil’ obsessive when it comes to touching up the roots, all that constant meddling with my hair requires a lot of TLC. Salon Vim is literally my humble abode & I have the best hairstylist ever.

Salon Vim ensures a rocking good time when you’re there. Lemme share a piece of good news with you!

You know how the world goes around in a cycle & how one thing leads to another. A kind act will continue to go around in the world changing everyone’s lives.

Once again, Salon Vim presents ‘Touching Lives With a Heart for the People’ .

Let’s help a friend of yours gain the confidence that she deserves. Isn’t this one of the best gifts you can give to a friend?

Here’s how to join

1) Post a photo of you and your friend here.

2) Tell us why you would like to help your friend.

3) Tell us how we can change her life because it is the driving point behind this project.

How to win

Salon Vim will choose the winning entry whose plight is most touching. You’d be treated to a complete hair makeover together with your friend.

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  1. bebe says:

    hi babe!
    where do you usually get your leggings?
    love your style!

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