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Brows that Wow with Allure

They say the perfect brows bring out the total enhancement of your facial features. Hence, my morning beauty routine involves the constant fussing with my brows to perfect that arch. It’s such a shame though never once have I succeeded in making them look anywhere near decent.

Just when I thought all hope’s gone, Allure Beauty Saloon comes to the rescue! Let me take you through the Signature Eyebrow Embroidery process!

Step 1: The short consultation with the beauty therapist to determine the best brow design for a perfect fit on your face. I absolutely love my therapist Coco, she’s such a sweetheart.

Step 2 : The desired shape for the brows is then sketched & a calming lotion is applied over the brows to numb them before the embroidery begins.

Step 3: A layer of antiseptic cream is applied on the embroidered area. A round of touch up after three weeks is advisable & thereafter the embroidered colour should last for about 2 years.

And there you have it, a beautifully shaped pair of eyebrows in an hour & a half! It’s that simple, fast & easy with no bleeding or swelling during & after the process.

It’s been two weeks now. Let’s see how those brows are doing now! Doesn’t the right set of brows frame your face nicely? Looks pretty good with a tan too!

There’s no fixed template for every eyebrow & Allure Beauty customizes every eyebrow for every client. I now have brows that wow, & you can too. Allure Beauty is located conveniently at :

Tiong Bahru Plaza #05-04A (6270 8845) &

City Vibe #02-04A (6779 2242) .

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